How Much is Lucozade in Kenya | Various Flavours & Benefits

Lucozade is a soft drink manufactured by Japanese companies. The drink is basically branded by Britain and comes in different quantities. Also, it comes in different flavours to suit every customer’s needs. Lucozade has some natural taste and plays a big role in the body.

Examples of Lucozade flavours include: orange, pink lemonade, orange and passion fruit, lemon and lime, apple blast, strawberry cooler, water melon, Caribbean crush, and original.

These are among the best Lucozade flavours that are well known all over the country.

Perhaps you desire to have a taste of Lucozade but are unsure of the price. Well, if that is the case, then worry no more. 

Let’s get started on our main topic of discussion, which is the question of how much Lucozade costs in Kenya.

The prices of lucozade in Kenya range from Ksh.60 to Ksh.4,000. This range is wide depending on the quantity as well as the flavour. 

Lucozade 250ml price retails at an average of Ksh.65. 

Lucozade Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of lucozade: replacing energy used during sporting activities and exercises, providing energy for the brain, helping in terms of cell repair, and being a rich source of vitamin C. 

Lucozade Boost retails at an average price of Ksh. 108 per 500 ml. The prices vary depending on the quantity.

Lucozade Side Effects

Some Lucozade side effects include: Lucozade may cause spiking of insulin levels as well as blood glucose levels.

Such effects can be prevented by taking the drink in small amounts and not in excess. 


Lucozade can be purchased at any supermarket near you at an affordable price. The benefits of lucozade are amazing. It also comes in different flavours. Buy some today and enjoy the taste.

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