How to Apply for Dual Citizenship in Kenya | Requirements

Dual citizenship is also known as multiple citizenship, where a person is entitled to have citizenship in two countries. This mainly happens by acquiring citizenship in one country by birth and another one by registration.

Are you interested in applying for a dual citizenship in Kenya? Well, you have come to the right place. Let me walk you through a detailed guide on how to apply for dual citizenship in Kenya.

Process of Application for Dual Citizenship

Here is the detailed procedure for how to apply for dual citizenship in Kenya:

  1. Log in to the government of Kenya’s Single Sign On portal.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Log in to the eFNS portal using your created account.
  4. Click the “Apply now” link.
  5. Fill in the required details.
  6. Upload the required documents.
  7. Click submit on the application tab.
  8. Select the dual citizenship tab and click the link to make your application.
  9. Fill in the Kenya dual citizenship form with USA.
  10. An automatic notification will be sent to you via email showing you the progress of your application.

This is how to acquire dual citizenship in Kenya by registering online in the comfort of your seat.

Citizens Not Allowed to Have Dual Citizenship in Kenya

Are you curious to know who is not allowed to have dual citizenship in Kenya? According to Kenya’s citizenship and immigration act, the citizens of these countries are not allowed to have dual citizenship in Kenya:

  1. Afghanistan.
  2. Azerbaijan.
  3. Bahrain.
  4. Kazakhstan.
  5. El Salvador.

Dual Citizenship Application Checklist

Kenya’s dual citizenship endorsement requirements include;

  1. Duly completed application form 4.
  2. Copy of birth certificate.
  3. Two passport-size photographs.
  4. Copy of another country’s passport.
  5. Copy of another country’s naturalization certificate.

These are some of the requirements that you need in order to acquire dual citizenship by either registration or Kenyan citizenship by marriage.


In the final analysis, dual citizenship is acquired easily when you follow the right procedure. Besides, dual citizenship in Kenya will help you conduct business in Kenya without inconveniences.

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