How to Become a College Teacher in Kenya Right Now

Colleges are higher learning institutions where diplomas and certificates are usually pursued by students who do not qualify to attend a university. Colleges have teachers who are highly qualified in terms of education, which helps in teaching students.

Are you looking for how to become a college tutor in Kenya? There are TVET trainer qualification requirements that I will cover in this article, which are very important for you to be aware of.

Guidelines to Become a College Teacher

Here is a guide on how to become a college teacher in Kenya:

  1. You must attain a minimum mean grade of C+ or above.
  2. A credit pass in the two teaching subjects.
  3. Attain a Bachelor’s of Education Technology or
  4. Attain a Bachelor’s of Science in any relevant technical subject.
  5. One must attain a higher diploma in a technical course. The diploma course will give you more knowledge in that area.
  6. Also, you must attain a diploma in technical teaching from Kenya Technical Teachers College (KTTC).

This is how you become a technical teacher in Kenya. Obtain your college lecturer qualifications today by following the given procedure.

TSC Checklist for Technical Teachers

Here are some of the requirements in order to become a technical teacher in Kenya:

  1. A dully filled GP 69 medical form.
  2. A national identity card.
  3. KRA pin certificate.
  4. Academic and professional certificates from a recognized institution.
  5. A certificate of good conduct.

These are the TSC requirements for one to become a technical teacher.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the technical teachers salary in Kenya?

You may also be interested in knowing the technical teacher’s salary in Kenya, which ranges from Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh. 150,000 per month including all the allowances.

Can I do teaching with a C-?

Yes, one can do teaching with a C-if and only if you start from a certificate and progress to a diploma and then a degree

In summary, college teachers require the minimum qualifications, making it a flexible career for anyone. Besides, it is a high-paying job in Kenya with many added advantages.

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