How to Become a Wholesaler in Kenya, Solved & Explained!

The wholesale business is a fast-moving business in Kenya. It is a type of business that any person can decide to delve into when they have the required capital. Due to the very many shops and kiosks in the residential areas, wholesale business is more in demand as it is always the supplier of goods in small shops.

Are you curious about how you can become a wholesaler in Kenya? It is very simple when you follow this procedure on how to become a wholesaler in Kenya.

Guidelines on How to Become a Wholesaler in Kenya

Here is the guideline on how you can become a wholesaler in Kenya easily today:

  1. Conduct thorough market research in order to identify your target market and the competitors.
  2. Write a strategic wholesale business plan that will act as a framework in giving you directions.
  3. Research on the pricing of goods and the types of goods to buy during certain seasons.
  4. Locate an ideal place, such as busy towns, where you are going to have many customers at your doorstep.
  5. Identify a reliable supplier of goods who will not fail you when you run out of stock.
  6. Ensure you have the best delivery methods to avoid complaints from customers.
  7. Register your business so that it can be recognized in the country and pay taxes to the KRA.
  8. Apply for the wholesale business license. This will help you prevent inconveniences caused by the local authorities.
  9. If need be, market your business so that many people are aware of it and can promote it.

This is how you can become a wholesaler in Kenya. This is also an example of how to start a food wholesale business in Kenya smoothly. Furthermore, the food wholesale business fetches high profits as food is one of the basic requirements.

Cost of Starting a Wholesale Shop

Are you wondering how much you need to start a wholesale shop in Kenya? It costs an average of Ksh. 500,000 to start a successful wholesale shop in Kenya.

Sometimes it is better to buy an already established wholesale business than to start a new one. Wholesale businesses for sale in Kenya are found in various places and cost an average of Ksh. 580,000.

Perhaps you may wish to know how to start a wholesale business at home, which is the simplest process as you are only required to build a wholesale shop in your compound, buy goods and start your business.


Wholesale businesses in Kenya have played an important role in reducing unemployment rates in the country. Besides, wholesale businesses fetch maximum profits as goods are sold in whole. Follow the provided guidelines in order to become a wholesaler in Kenya today.

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