How To Buy Airtel Bundles From Mpesa | Easily Now

How To Buy Airtel Bundles From Mpesa | Easily Now

Airtel network is one of the best affordable networks in Kenya. Many a times, this network is preferred due to its many advantages.

For instance, Airtel network is one of the networks that provide the best offers when it comes to; data deals, talk time minutes and even SMS bundles.

You may want to know how to buy Airtel bundles from Mpesa. If that is the case you are in the right place.

What you need to keep in mind is that; you will first buy the specific amount of airtime from Mpesa then you will later on buy the required bundles.

That said, I am going to take you through a procedure of how to buy internet bundles from Mpesa the easiest and quick way.

Step 1: Go to sim toolkit and select Mpesa

Step 2: Choose the Lipa na Mpesa option

Step 3: Select the Paybill option

Step 4: Enter business number which is 220220

Step 5: Enter your Airtel number as your Account number

Step 6: Enter the amount of airtime you wish to spend

Step 7: Enter Mpesa pin then click OK

Step 8: Go to the Airtel sim card then input the *544# code.

Step 9: Select data bundles option.

Step 10: Buy the amount of bundles of your choice.

That is how to buy Airtel bundles from Mpesa very easy way.

Using those procedures will really help you to conduct your activities smoothly. It is very evident that the invention of the procedure has made work easier.

If you are not using Airtel, then here is the time to try it and enjoy the best amazing offers.

There is also an availability of Airtel 4G. The 4G network is well known for the highest browsing speed. What are you waiting for? Switch to Airtel now if you haven’t. 4G is a fast network.

I believe that this article was very helpful to you.

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