How To Buy Airtel Minutes | Easily Right Now

How To Buy Airtel Minutes | Easily Right Now

Airtel is regarded in Kenya as one of the cheapest mobile networks that offers a variety of products at an affordable cost thus favoring the majority.

Maybe you are stack on how to buy free minutes in Airtel.

You should stop worrying because I got you covered and I will show you the simplest procedure of how to buy minutes on Airtel.

In addition, Airtel gives you a variety of range for the validity of the minutes such as 24hour minutes,7 days minutes (weekly) and 30days minutes ( monthly) based on your center of interest.

Below is a procedure on how to buy Airtel minutes using your mobile phone:

Step 1: Dial *544# on your mobile phone and press the Airtel Sim on your phone.

Step 2: Select the tubonge Option which represents Airtel minutes.

Step 3: Choose the Minutes that you want purchase depending on the validity and the amount that you have.

Step 4: An automatic message will be sent showing you that you have successfully purchased your minutes either for Airtel to Airtel Calls or across all networks.

Enjoy your minutes by calling people so as to fully utilize your minutes before expiry.

Airtel Minutes Offer

Airtel Offers tubonge minutes for Airtel to Airtel calls at a cheaper price.

Here are some of the Airtel Minutes Offers that you may be interested in purchasing:

1.50 free minutes Airtel to Airtel at Ksh.10 valid for 24hours.

2.100 free minutes Airtel to Airtel at Ksh.20 valid for 2days.

3.100 free minutes daily at Ksh.60 valid for 7 days.

4.100 daily free minutes at Ksh.200 for 30 days (Airtel to Airtel calls).

Talk more with your loved ones using Airtel minutes.


Airtel network has made it easy for people to communicate without worrying about the charges by giving Airtel Minutes that can be used to call either across all networks or Airtel to Airtel calls. Buy an Airtel line to avoid being left out.

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