How To Buy Google Drive Storage | Easily Right Now

How To Buy Google Drive Storage | Easily Right Now

One of the safest place you can store your documents, photos, videos, contacts and account information is google drive.

The good thing with having a Google drive is that all your documents will be safe and can be accessed anytime.

This is to mean that even if you lose your phone you can still access all files provided you have the account details. Thanks to Google for offering the service.

I know what you are looking for is how to buy google drive storage.

Here is a very simple and quick procedure of how you can buy google storage;

Step 1: Go to Google play store and download the Google drive app

Step 2: On the top left side of your phone, tap the menu

Step 3: Click Upgrade storage

Step 4: Choose the payment type of your choice

Step 5: Click subscribe

That is a very simple procedure of buying google storage. For the steps to work, you need to follow the procedure keenly without missing any single step.

Google Drive Storage Pricing

For you to access the storage, you need to pay for some amount of money.

It means that google drive storage pricing is based on storage capacity.

However, the storage pricing are very affordable.

Google drive storage pricing for 100GB is Ksh. 200 per month.

Google Drive Storage Limit

Many things normally have a limit. This also applies to google drive. 

Google drive storage limit is 10TB.

After exhausting your free storage limit, you may need to upgrade.

Google drive unlimited storage price is Ksh.6,000 per month.

Google storage is also very reliable and the safest way for storing your data.

Ways To Increase Google Drive Storage

Are you searching for how to increase google drive storage free.

Well, increasing google drive storage can be done through;

1. Deleting unnecessary files from Google drive

2. Clearing hidden data in Google drive

3. Deleting useless attachments in G mail

Now you know what to do next. If this article was really helpful to you then enjoy using Google drive storage.

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