How To Buy International Minutes In Kenya | With New Offers

How To Buy International Minutes In Kenya | With New Offers

International minutes can be used by individuals in Kenya communicating with recipients from different parts of the world.

Safaricom and airtel communication networks have provided you with communication efficiency at subsidized standards.

Do not stay in isolation from lack of enough airtime. Connect with the international communities by subscribing to the international minutes.

I will show you how to buy international minutes using Safaricom and using Airtel lines.

Buy International Minutes With Safaricom

I know you may want to how to buy international minutes? Here is a simple way on How to buy international minutes with Safaricom

Step 1. Dial the USSD (*100# or *200#)

Step 2. Select Products and Services

Step 3. Go to ‘International Calling Bundles’

Step 4. Select the bundle package that is suitable for you

Step 5. Go ahead and purchase to the intended number.

Step 6. Confirm details then send

Step 7. Wait for a confirmation message.

Cost Of International Minutes Safaricom

Below are some of the talk time international minutes

6 Minutes @ Ksh 19 (24hours)

40 Minutes @ Ksh 99 (7 days)

170 minutes @ Kshs 399 (30 days)

Global Countries You Can Talk With Safaricom International Minutes

Some of the international settlement areas you can reach out to include;





Check Your International Minutes Balance

Two easy methods on how to check your international minutes balance so you can decide whether to top up or continue to another call:

1. Dialing either *100# or*200# 

2. Send the word ‘Balance’ to 144

International minutes are delivered on a daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis.

Conditions For Safaricom International Minutes

1. Only individuals living in Kenya can be granted with the international minutes offer.

2. The minutes are only applicable off roaming

3. Once you have purchased the minutes, you cannot transfer to any other number.

4. Minutes purchased are equivalent to the Bonga points earned.

5. Both prepaid and postpaid can user the minute bundles

Buy International Minutes With Airtel

This is how to buy international minutes on Airtel:

Step 1. Dial *544#

Step 2. Go to ‘International Bundles’

Step 3. Select from the available bundle packages

Step 4. Select phone number intended to receive the purchase

Step 5. You can pay with airtime of buy from Airtel Money

Step 6. Verify details and send

Step 7. Wait for confirmation

Cost Of International Minutes Airtel

Some of the bundles offered are;

5 Minutes- Ksh. 15 (24 hours)

10 Minutes-Ksh. 25 (24 hours)

2o Minutes-Ksh. 40 (24 hours)

Countries To Call With Airtel International Minutes

The countries are only applicable in;






I believe now you know how to buy international minutes. How to buy international minutes on Airtel, does not differ so much from how to buy international minutes with Safaricom. The only difference is the usage of different platforms. I hope this article is helpful enough.

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