How To Buy Netflix Kenya | Cheap & Easy Now

How To Buy Netflix Kenya | Cheap & Easy Now

Netflix is among the biggest TV shows recognized all over the world. Netflix produces content and releases it for entertainment or educational purposes.

Netflix is a platform that gives its subscribers a chance to watch animations, documentaries, action movies, dramas, telenovelas, and series among others.

Most film stars have been able to have a chance of showcasing what they do in Netflix. This has made them market themselves and improve their talent greatly.

As a matter of fact, the company is realizing higher profits as Netflix is famous for delivering the best entertaining content all over.

Due to many factors, you may want to be in a position of knowing how to buy Netflix.

Here is a simple procedure of how you can buy Netflix using your computer;

Step 1: visit

Step 2: choose a plan that suits you well

Step 3: Create an account by following the instructions you will be given

Step 4: choose a payment method

Step 5: You are good to go. Start streaming and enjoying shows.

Netflix Free Trial

In most applications or software’s with subscription plans, there is always a free trial.  This trial enables the users to explore whatever content is offered.

After the trial, there are very high chances that the user gets interested in getting the real plan.

Netflix used to have a 30 day free trial plan. The offer however was ditched but users can still stream for free.

Netflix sign in is not difficult. All you have to do is to visit the Netflix original page or the Netflix app and the sign in option will appear.

Netflix Plans

There are a variety of plans depending on which plan you can afford. Netflix gives you a chance to access the plan of your preferred choice. Here are some of the Netflix plans;

1. Premium Ksh. 1,450

2. Standard Ksh. 1,100

3. Mobile Ksh. 300

4. Basic Ksh. 700

Those are the 4 Netflix price plans currently used by mass of people.

Create New Netflix Account

For one to be a legal user of Netflix, he or she must create an account to show it is them. This is how you can create a Netflix account.

Visit Netflix site and click create an account. You will be required to give details, provide an E mail address and set your password.

Netflix account login and password are the key things required before accessing Netflix services. This is to mean that your password acts as a security to your account.

A wrong password makes you not to be able to access your account.

Netflix account settings can be done easily. All you have to do is to open the app, tap the more button and simply select app settings.

Let me hope that up to this point you have all the relevant information you needed. In addition, I hope the article was of great importance to you.

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