How To Buy Telkom Bundles From Mpesa Easily Now

How To Buy Telkom Bundles From Mpesa Easily Now

Telkom communication network is one of the best companies that provides you with browsing related solutions according to your need. You can access Telkom wireless anywhere at any time.

Are you a fun of online related services? Telkom bundles enables you to access internet services anytime of the day you wish to browse.

Telkom network offers several packages for you to choose from according to your affordability.

Here is a simple procedure on how to buy Telkom bundles from Mpesa:

Step 1. Access your Sim Tool Kit on your mobile phone

Step 2. Go to the Mpesa Menu

Step 3. Go to Lipa Na Mpesa

Step 4. Select Paybill.

Step 5. Enter business number which is 777711.

Step 6. Enter your account number, which is your Telkom Mobile Number.

Step 7. Enter the amount

Step 8. Enter your M-pesa pin number and send

Step 9. Wait for a reply confirming the purchase of airtime.

Points To Remember When Buying Bundles From Mpesa

Your Mpesa Pin is your secret number. Never share it with anyone including your loved ones to avoid inconveniences.

If you suspect it known to someone might, kindly reset another pin for safety.

Always ensure that your Mpesa account is loaded before you carry out Mpesa transactions.

The amount of money available in your Mpesa may totally allow or limit the purchase intended.

After every transaction carried out, always cross check your balance regularly to confirm the Mpesa balance.

By doing so, you can easily spot any strange changes on your account and respond appropriately.

Every Telkom bundles purchased have a time limit according to the amount. While purchasing the amount choose wisely on the most favorable kind.


I Hope the steps provided on how to buy Telkom bundles from Mpesa, will help be an appropriate guide to your bundle purchase. Enjoy browsing using Telcom wireless up to a limit of your own choice.

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