How To Get A Tax Compliance Certificate In Kenya

A tax compliance certificate (TCC) is a legal document issued to a Kenyan citizen after compiling with the tax law in respect to filing returns and  due payments of all taxes. This KRA tax compliance certificate is always vital as it is a confirmation that the individual or company has filed the relevant returns as required by the law. This helps to prevent inconveniences caused by tax enforcers in Kenya.

Procedure to Get a Tax Compliance Certificate in Kenya

If you want to know how to get a tax compliance certificate in Kenya, follow this elaborate procedure:

  1. Log in the KRA Portal using this link
  2. Enter your KRA pin number. If you forgotten your PIN, ask for KRA Pin retrieval.
  3. Press the continue key to proceed with the process.
  4. Feed in your KRA iTax password.
  5. Log in to access your KRA tax account.
  6. Complete the application for a iTax tax compliance certificate by clicking “Apply for Tax Compliance certificate”
  7. Download your tax compliance certificate pdf in order to acquire a tax compliance certificate sample.

I hope you now have a clear understanding of KRA tax compliance certificate application online as this is the easiest way on how to get tax compliance certificate online.

Besides, these steps can also help you through on how to reprint tax compliance certificate as they always go hand in hand leading to downloading the tax compliance certificate.

KRA Tax Compliance Certificate Checker

The KRA tax compliance certificate checker allows you to confirm the validity of a tax compliance certificate. You can download KRA M- service app which will help you in the tax compliance certificate checker in Kenya.

Now that you know how to get a tax compliance certificate online, the next step is to check its validity. You can check the validity of Tax Compliance Certificate in Kenya using KRA Tax Compliance Certificate Checker.


In brief, paying taxes to the government helps the economy of the country to grow. Get yourself a tax compliance certificate today to avoid inconveniences with the Kenya Revenue Authority.

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