How To Get First Class Honours In Kenya

First class honours is the highest results rank in the Kenyan universities with the highest grades. Are you stranded on how hard is it to get first class honours degree in Kenya? Worry not because I am going to show you easiest ways to get a first class honours degree in Kenya today.

Tips on How to Get First Class Honours In Kenya

If you are a student and you are eager to perform well in your studies, these tips on how to get first class honours in Kenya will help you a lot:

  1. Have a 98- 100% attendance for your lectures and seminars. This will make you not to miss out any content taught by the lecturer.
  2.  Consult your tutors where you feel you didn’t get the point.
  3. Do thorough research in all units. Learn to explore books and other research stuff to know more about a particular unit.
  4. Have a culture of reading before and after lectures to master contents taught in class. You can always reread several times to refresh your mind.
  5. Get enough sleep. When you deny yourself sleep, you will have minimum concentration during the day. This will affect your academic performance.
  6. Get a minimum of 70% in almost all the units you are taking. First class degrees by University starts from 70%. So, be sure to get over 70% in all classes.

These are the tips that will make you go home smiling with the first class honors degree in Kenya.

How to Calculate University Grades in Kenya

Do you want to know how to calculate university grades in Kenya? Here are the universities grading system.

  1. 70% and above.
  2.  60% to 69%.
  3.  50% to 59%.
  4. 40% to 49%.
  5. 39% and below.

Also, we have first class honours GPA Kenya which is 3.60 and above and second class upper GPA in Kenya which is 3.00 to 3.59. This is the grade point average in the Kenyan universities.

Are you asking yourself, what grades do I need to get first class degree? Well, you need to have straight As (attain 70% and above in almost ¾ of your total units in the University).

You may also want to know advantages of getting first class honours in Kenya. One of the first class honours degree benefits is high chances of employment. A student who gets first class honours is believed to be super competent and highly skilled..


First class honours will give you more privileges compared to other honours. You need to work smart and be determined to achieve it.

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