How To Start A Curtain Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Curtain Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Curtains are sources of decorations in our homestead. They beautify your house making friends and family admire the curtain style in your house. Also, curtains helps in maintaining privacy in a house.

The demand for curtains in the modern world makes it a business opportunity in Kenya.

Curtain Business requires minimum capital and skills to run this business therefore any one can start it.In addition, more profits are gained at the end of marketing these curtains thus improving your lifestyle.

Besides, curtain Business helps to reduce idleness at home since one gets a self employment opportunity. It also benefits the country’s economy.

Having a brief knowledge about curtain business, let me show you how to start a curtain business in Kenya:

Step 1: Thorough market research.

Step 2: Write down a strategic curtain business plan.

Step 3: Locate a strategic place for your curtain business.

Step 4: Find a supplier with good reputation who will sell you curtains at a wholesale price.

Step 5: Rent a space where you will set up your business.

Step 6: Buy the necessary equipment and curtains.

Step 7: Hire a personnel that will help you run you business although you can decide to use family labour.

Step 8: Market you curtain business by advertisements.

You can as well start selling curtains online in Kenya at the comfort of your home. Simply have you own account in social media and also have your own website where you can sell your curtains online.

Besides, windows blinds business plan will help you manage your business until you achieve the best.

Places To Buy Curtains In Kenya

Are you stranded where to buy curtains in wholesale? You can buy your curtains from Eastleigh specifically in Garissa market. They sell curtains to retailers at a lower wholesale price enabling one earn more profit.

Also, Kamukunji have new curtains but major supplier is from Eastleigh Garissa market.

Starting Curtain Business In Kenya Requirements

You require the following:

a. A place where you sell your curtains.

b. Curtain rods that will help in holding curtains for display.

c. Curtain Business license.

d. Curtains .

e. Methods of payment.


In the final analysis, curtain business will help you transform your life. Ensure you have classy unique curtains designs that will help you attract more customers.

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