How To Start A Daycare Business In Kenya Easily & Legally

How To Start A Daycare Business In Kenya Easily & Legally

Analysis shows majority of parents in the current century have various jobs that they engage into in order to sustain their families. In urban areas, demand for daycares is very high as many young parents are very busy.

Daycare helps young children to spend their day playing with others away from their homes. This helps parents be secured as many people don’t trust house helps due to cruelty nature of others.

The idea of how to start a daycare business in Kenya will work for you if you make the right moves such as:

1. Write a tactical daycare business plan that will help you implement strategies that will help you achieve your desired goals.

2. Locate an ideal place where you can set up your daycare business. I am sure you will get the best places to start a daycare center.

3. Obtain your license in order to make the business a legal entity in Kenya.

4. Prepare the place and buy the required equipment.

5. Hire few staff for the start in order to prevent spending more on paying your employees.

6. Have necessary documentations where parents sign in order to have evidence in case of anything that arises.

7. Market your business by advertisements Program which will help you get more customers.

Starting a daycare business can cost you to almost nothing which is almost like how to start a daycare with no money due to its minimum capital requirement.

Cost Of Starting Daycare in Kenya

On average, the cost of starting a daycare business in Kenya that is legally registered as a true business is Ksh.50,0000 – Ksh.800,000.

The cost includes licensing and buying of child friendly facilities.

However, you may be aware of some unregistered daycare services which may not have enough facilities with the appropriate staff.

They still offer the services anyway. Be sure you leave your child with someone you can trace just in case and also have a child friendly environment.

Profitability of Daycare Business

Is daycare business profitable in Kenya? Yes. Daycare business profitable because daycare prices on average range from Ksh.300 to Ksh. 1,000 per child per day depending on the location and the age of the child.

This is a good money per day as there are vary many children who will be in your daycare if you ensure you maintain the child well.

Day Care Center Requirements In Kenya

Requirements for daycare in Kenya include the following:

1. Daycare Business license.

2. Toys.

3. Reading materials.

4. Playground equipment such as car tyres, bouncing castle etc.

5. Furniture.

6. Appliances such as microwave, refrigerator, among others.

8. Enough space to accommodate the little children.

9. Staff to manage the children


In the final analysis, many people have not discovered day care business opportunity thus minimum competition which will make you earn more money on a daily basis. Successful daycares exist and a good example is Safaricom daycare which is a profitable daycare business in Kenya.

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