How To Start A Fast Food Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

How To Start A Fast Food Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

Fast food business is a very lucrative business in Kenya due to its high demand in the country. Example of this business is starting a chips business in Kenya.

Many people love this fast foods as they can be used as snacks in any occasions such as travelling, games, among others. Besides, you can specialize in starting a fast food takeaway business.

Your desire is to know how to start a food delivery business from home in Kenya. Let me show you steps on how to start a fast food business in Kenya that will work well for you:

Step 1. Conduct a thorough market research about fast food business.

Step 2. Locate an ideal place where you can set up your fast food business. Such places include: markets, bus stops, near schools, offices, among others.

Step 3. With a strategic fast food business plan in Kenya that will help you run your business successfully.

Step 4. Register your Fast food Business name in eCitizen portal which takes place online. Main purpose for business name registration is used for branding.

Step 5. Get yourself fast food business permits and licenses to avoid landing yourself in problems with the authorities.

Step 6. Buy the necessary items that will be needed in your business.

Step 7. Market your business mainly through advertisements.

This is how to start a fast food business without complications.

Cost To Start A Fast Food In Kenya

Are you wondering how much do I need to start a fast food business in Kenya? You need a minimum capital of Ksh.4,500 to start a fast food business.

This shows a fast food business does not require much capital thus “almost nothing capital.” Chips and chicken business in Kenya is among successful fast food business in Kenya that you can start with little capital.

Profitability Of Fast Food In Kenya

Is fast food business profitable in Kenya? Yes, fast food business is a very profitable business in Kenya due to high demand for fast food by many people in the country. It is also profitable as these foods are bought at a cheaper wholesale price and sold at a relatively higher price earning you more profits.


In the final analysis, employ yourself by starting a fast food business that will help you earn income on a daily basis. In addition, invest more in it so as to receive more money that will help you cater for your bills.

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