How To Start A Garage Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

How To Start A Garage Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

Many vehicles have had their ways into Kenya as majority of people in the country are car owners. Vehicles are prone to things like punctures, engine failure among other staff.

Starting a garage business in Kenya will always be a good business opportunity due to the arising high demand of garage services. Vehicles are always serviced here to increase its durability and more so its efficiency.

Therefore, you have made the right decision in starting a garage business and I will show you tips on how to start a garage business in Kenya that will work well for you:

Step 1. Do your thorough market research about garage business and see whether it is worth investing in it.

Step 2. Draft an effective auto garage business plan that will act as a framework in starting and managing your garage business.

Step 3. Locate a strategic place where you will set up your garage business that will help you attract more customers.

Step 4. Register your garage business name in the eCitizen portal to make it a legal entity in the country.

Step 5. Acquire business permits and licenses to prevent inconveniences with the local authorities.

Step 6. Buy car repair equipment.

Step 7. Identity your car repair equipment suppliers that are reliable and efficient.

Step 8. Launch your garage business.

Step 9. Market your garage business by advertising it either online, newspapers, among others.

Step 10. Apply for a garage business insurance.

These are the legal requirements for opening a garage in Kenya.

Automotive Garage Set Up

Your garage set up should be neat and effective which include but not limited to having a:

1. Work bench placement.

2. Everything should be on wheels.

3. Good lighting systems.

4. Workshop dolly that prevent slippage.


In the final analysis, garage business is the best as you require minimum capital to set up yet it earns you more income on a daily basis. Investing more in this business will help you reach your desired goals.

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