How To Start A Gas Business In Kenya With Less Cash & Succeed

How To Start A Gas Business In Kenya With Less Cash & Succeed

In the modern world, many people prefer gas cookers over other cooking techniques such as jikos, stoves among others due to its high efficiency in terms of fast cooking and easier to put on.

Starting a gas business around you will be a good business idea that will earn you more income as this LPG services are in high demand.

Besides, gas business has not been unleashed by many people in the country thus minimum competition around you.

Let me show you a procedure on how to start a gas business that will help you succeed in your gas business in Kenya:

Step 1: Carry out an intensive market research in order to identify your target market.

Step 2: Draft a strategic cooking gas business plan and a gas refilling business plan that will guide while running your business.

Step 3: Locate an ideal place where you will acquire many customers at your doorstep.

Step 4: Raise your Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LGP) start up capital that you will use to buy every necessary item.

Step 5: Register your gas business in eCitizen so that you can make it a legal business in Kenya.

Step 6: Secure yourself business permits and licenses to prevent inconveniences with the local authorities.

Step 7: Identify reliable LPG suppliers such as Total Kenya, Kenolkobil  (K- Gas).

Step 8: purchase the necessary equipment required for the start the business such as the weighing scale.

Step 9: Market your gas business mainly through advertisements.

I hope you have gotten how to start lpg retail business in Kenya.

Cost To Start Gas Business In Kenya

Are you curious to know how do I need to start gas business in Kenya? You require an average of Ksh.100,000 that will cater for all the expenses needed to start your gas business.

You may also be interested in knowing the requirements for Lpg retailers in Kenya which I am going to let you know and be aware of.

Requirements For Gas Business

To succeed in gas business be sure to have:

1. Sufficient running capital.

2. Gas stock.

3. Business permits.

4. Fire safety certificate.

5. Weighing scales.

6. Payment methods.

7. Grills.

Profitability Of Gas Business

Is gas business profitable in Kenya? Yes, gas business is the most profitable business in Kenya in the modern world due to the high demand of gas services and also minimum market competition.


To conclude, reduce unemployment levels in Kenya by creating self employment. This is mainly done by engaging yourself into business such as gas business that will earn you more income.

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