How To Start A Green Grocery Business In Kenya | Huge Profits

How To Start A Green Grocery Business In Kenya Huge Profits

A Kibanda business in Kenya also known as green grocery business is among the most popular business with quick daily returns in Kenya.

The business needs small amount of capital. In fact, kibanda business is one of the business to start with 3k in Kenya.

 it is a type of business that is easily manageable by any individual although this highly depends on the type of information you have before starting a Kibanda business.

You can as well start a green grocery business in Kenya that mainly focuses on vegetables. This will help you earn more as Kenyans always eat vegetables compared to meat and other foods.

Without wasting much time, let us get started on how to start a green grocery business in Kenya:

1: Draft an effective Kibanda business plan that will act as your road map towards your success.

2. Conduct a thorough market research in order to know your target market and check whether it is worth investing in Kibanda business.

3. Decide on the type of products that you want to sell to your target market.

4. Locate a strategic place where you will set up your Kibanda business and have many clients on your doorstep.

5.Register your business so as to avoid inconveniences with the local authorities.

6. Ensure sanitation so as to attract more customers.

7. Have an attractive food cart design that is appealing in order to have variety of customers.

8. Serve customers with so much care and avoid having attitudes as this will make you have less customers.

9. Sell your goods at an affordable pricing.

I hope you have seen the strategies that you will use in order to have a successful Kibanda business in Kenya.


In summary,kibanda business has also good profits. Keep on investing in it while expanding your business in order to earn higher profits.

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