How To Start A Juice Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

How To Start A Juice Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

How to start a fresh juice business in Kenya can be so easy or complicated depending on the type of information you have. Starting a juice business is a very lucrative business idea in Kenya as many people like soft drinks especially during hot seasons.

Perhaps you have been stranded in knowing how to start a juice business from home. Worry no more because I have a whole package for you that will guide you in ensuring you are successful at the end of the tunnel.

Here are the tips to follow on how to start a juice business in Kenya:

Step 1: Carry out an intensive market research that will help you gather information on whether juice business is worth investing in or not..

Step 2: Draft a fruit juice business plan that will act as your guide in the starting and managing of your juice business.

Step 3: Locate an ideal place where you will set up your juice palour design.

Step 4: Choose the name that you will use in your fruit juice business.

Step 5: Register your business to make it legal and protect your juice brand.

Step 6: Apply for the business permits and licenses to protect you from the inconveniences caused by the local authorities “kanjo”.

Step 7: Buy your required equipment that will facilitate your business.

Step 8: Market your business to make it famous thus attracting more customers.

This is also a method you can use on how to start a fruit business in Kenya. I wish you all the best as you start your juice business in Kenya.

Best Way To Preserve Juice For Sale

You may also be interested in knowing how to preserve juice for sale and I am going to show you step by step how you will do it:

1. Once you are done with preparing juices, package them into bottles and properly seal the bottles.

2. Do the labelling of the juices .

3. Use a refrigerator to store your juice in order to maintain the freshness.

These steps will help you to have fresh juice attracting more customers at your doorstep.

Profitability Of Juice Business In Kenya

Is fruit juice business profitable in Kenya? Yes, fruit juice business is very profitable due to the high demand of cold fruit drinks during summer.Besides,it is among the unleashed businesses in Kenya making it have minimum capital thus very profitable.


To summarize, venturing into juice business in Kenya will really help you improve your living standards due to its high profitability. Invest today for a better tomorrow.

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