How To start A Keg Business In Kenya Easily For Profits Now

How To start A Keg Business In Kenya Easily For Profits Now

Keg beer business is among the most profitable business in Kenya you can consider investing. People in Kenya love having fun but they do it in different ways. Majority of people nowadays have great fun in bars.

This creates a demand for opening a Keg bar business in order to accommodate the many people in the bars. Keg bar business is made legal when you acquire the right license to run your business.

Besides, you can as well specialize in having a bar and a restaurant which will make you acquire the bar and restaurant license in Kenya.

Here is the procedure on how to start a keg business in Kenya:

Step 1. Intensive market research should  be carried out to see whether selling keg in Kenya is worth investing.

Step 2. Write an effective keg business plan that will act as your road map in your business thus helps you avoid overspending on unnecessary things.

Step 3. Find a suitable place where you can set up your bar and acquire as many customers as possible such as busy places like towns, your residential area.

Step 4. Apply for licenses such as keg business license, public health license, fire and safety permits, music permits, among others.

Step 5. Get your capital together that you will use to buy the necessary items that you will use in your business.

Step 6. Hire few personnel that will help you in running your keg business.

Step 7. Launch your keg bar business.

Step 8. Market your business in order to attract more customers.

This is also the procedure that you can use on how to start a liquor store in Kenya. All the best in your keg business.

Profitability Of Keg Business In Kenya

Is bar business profitable in Kenya? Yes, bar business is a highly profitable business in Kenya that many people have not discovered making senator keg distribution have minimum competition thus earning more money.

Bar Equipment Prices

You may also desire to know the average market prices of equipment used in bars:

Keg barrel price Kenya is Ksh.3,200 for a well filled 50 liters keg barrel.

Keg pump price in Kenya is Ksh.12,000.

Senator Keg price Kenya has shifted from Ksh.3,200 to Ksh. 4,500.

Keg cylinders for sale in Kenya can be found in Jiji, Kenya Breweries limited, East African Breweries, etc. Keg beer pumps can also be found in this companies as well as the jua kali industries.


In summary, keg beer business in Kenya can help you earn more money on a daily basis. It is the business that will make your dreams come true due to its high profitability rate.

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