How To Start A Kibanda Business In Kenya & Succeed

How To Start A Kibanda Business In Kenya & Succeed

Starting a kibanda business is a lucrative business idea in Kenya that many people have not discovered. Majority of Kenyans include vegetables in their diets making Kibanda business in Kenya in demand.

Just like any other business, you need to be passionate and determined in order to make your green grocery business a success.

In order to have a successful business, follow this procedure on how to start a kibanda business in Kenya:

Step 1. Do a thorough market research about green grocery business in Kenya.

Step 2. Locate a strategic place where you will have very many customers.

Step 3. Write an ideal green grocery business plan in Kenya that you will use as a direction in your business in order to achieve your profit goals.

Step 4. Rent space with a big parking space because some customers will be buying groceries in wholesale.

Step 5. Identity a trusted supplier who will supply you with fresh products before you run out of stock.

Step 6. Hire minimum friendly employees because attitude highly matters in business. Good attitude towards customers will attract them.

Step 7. Obtain business license to avoid landing yourself in trouble with the authorities.

Step 8. Always maintain cleanliness as this will help people trust your products.

This is how to start a grocery store in Kenya. Put more emphasis on small grocery store business plan so as to avoid messing up in your business.

Cost To Start A Grocery Store In Kenya

Maybe you are wondering how much capital to start a grocery store in Kenya? Cost of starting a grocery store in Kenya ranges from Ksh.50,000 to ksh.500,000. This minimum capital requirement makes a grocery business an ideal business that any person can venture into.


Venture into green grocery business in Kenya  today and you will not regret as it is worth starting and managing. Besides, grocery business helps eradicate unemployment and poverty levels in the society at large.

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