How To Start A Kinyozi Business In Kenya Easily & Profitable

How To Start A Kinyozi Business In Kenya Easily & Profitable

Kinyozi business is a type of business that can be done in any part of the country although big towns tend to provide the best Kinyozi business opportunity due to the large population in those towns.

Besides, you might still have your Kinyozi business in the rural area but ensure you set up in a busy market to attract more customers.

Another added advantage about barber shop business is that it is not seasonal thus business flows well throughout the year making it worthwhile venture to delve into.

I know you are interested in this business and I will show you the little magic on how to start a Kinyozi business in Kenya that will help you succeed:

Step 1: Attend your training in order to have unique hairstyle cuts.Besides,you can as well hire a personnel that will help you in your business.

Step 2: Locate a strategic place that will help you acquire more customers on a daily basis.

Step 3: Draft a strategic Kinyozi business plan that will guide you in the management of your Kinyozi business.

Step 4: Carry out a basic shop fit out by calling a carpenter to install mirrors and cabinets.

Step 5: Get the license for Kinyozi to make it a legal entity in the country.

Step 6: Buy the necessary equipment needed in a barber shop.

Step 7: Build a clientele. This means treating your customers with royal treatment to attract more customers.

Step 8: Market your Kinyozi business mainly through advertisements.

Remember, the key thing that will make your business prosper is by drafting an effective barber shop business plan Kenya.

All the best in your Kinyozi business.

Barber Shop Equipment Pricelist In Kenya

The following are some of the Kinyozi equipment with their average market prices:

Kinyozi machine price ranges from Ksh.3,000 to Ksh.10,000.

Kinyozi chairs prices in Kenya is Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.30,000.

Equipment sterilizer at Ksh.10,000.

Cosmetic products at Ksh.3,000 such as after shave and spirit.

Hairstyle charts at Ksh.1,000.

Fabric sheets, apron and towels at Ksh.3,000 total.

Lounge chairs at Ksh.1,000 each.

Kinyozi Designs In Kenya

Using a simple Kinyozi design will help you reduce the start up capital. Ensure you are neat and all the seats are arranged in an appealing manner.


In summary, invest today in a Kinyozi business and have a better tomorrow as it is a business with a promising future due to its high profitability rate per year.

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