How To Start A Kiosk Business In Kenya Easily & Profitable

How To Start A Kiosk Business In Kenya Easily & Profitable

General shop business in Kenya is one of the worthwhile lucrative businesses that you can delve into. Besides, a kiosk business is always a flexible business in that you can add different stock if the normal stock is not in demand making it an added advantage about the kiosk business.

Starting a retail shop is always favorable due to the minimum requirements needed in setting up this business. You can as well specialize in food kiosk business in Kenya and I bet that you will not regret your decision.

With me are tips on how to start a kiosk business in Kenya that will be conducive for you as a starter:

Step 1. Draft a strategic kiosk business plan that will act as your guiding map in your business to avoid overspending on unnecessary staff.

Step 2. Carry out an intensive market research that will make you identify goods in demand that are not locally available in other kiosks.

Step 3. Locate an ideal place where you will set up your kiosk business like in a place with a high population of people.

Step 4. Identify goods that you will sell in your kiosk that will make you have various customers at the end of the day.

Step 5. Determine the amount of capital that you want to invest in your kiosk business.

Step 6. Acquire business Licenses and unified permits to avoid inconveniences with the local authorities.

Step 7. Boost your business in order to have a successful kiosk business.

This procedure can also help you know how to start a wholesale shop in Kenya without any complications.

Cost Of Starting A Wholesale Shop In Kenya

Are you wondering how much do I need to start a shop in Kenya? Well, you need different amount of capital due to the different type of shops that you want to start.

You need a capital of Ksh.50,000 to Ksh.120,000 to start a retail shop.

Wholesale shop requires a capital of Ksh.350,000 to Ksh.700,000.


It is worth investing in a kiosk business than letting your savings doing nothing in your account. In addition, kiosk business keeps you busy thus reducing being idle which may lead you into committing bad crimes in the society like robbery.

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