How To Start A Kitenge Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Kitenge Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Kitenge is a type of material that embraces the African culture which majority of Kenyan citizens love. Women in particular prefer Kitenge to other clothes as they strongly believe Kitenge makes them look gorgeous.

Starting a Kitenge business will make you earn more income due to a high demand created by the general public for the Kitenge designs.

Here is the procedure that will guide you through on how to start a Kitenge business in Kenya:

Step 1: Draft Ankara business plan since it is an essential element that will help you in the management of your business. It should entail you Kitenge business goals that you wish to achieve after a certain time period.

Step 2: Secure capital that you are going to use by obtaining your savings, borrowing loans from either friends, banks or even family members.

Step 3: Decide on the type of specialization like the type of fabric that you will be selling in your business.

Step 4: Buy an existing Kitenge shop so that it can pick as first as possible but you can as well start a new Kitenge shop.

Step 5: Obtain the Kitenge business permit and licenses to avoid inconveniences caused by the local authorities “kanjo.”

Step 6:Market your business in order to have a variety of clients at your doorstep.

I hope this procedure has been an eye opener for you as you venture into Kitenge Business in Kenya.

Places To Buy Kitenge In Wholesale

You can find your Kitenge for your business from various places such as:

a. Eastleigh Kitenge wholesalers.

b. Kitenge House Eastleigh.

c. You can as well import from Kitenge fabric wholesale Tanzania among others

Profitability Of Kitenge Business

Is Ankara business profitable in Kenya? Yes, Ankara business is a highly profitable business in Kenya as one obtains Ankara materials at a lower wholesale price and sells them at an average price making them earn more profits at the end of the tunnel.


In the final analysis, venturing into Kitenge business in Kenya will make you improve your living standards as a Kenyan citizen. In addition, it is also a good self employment job that you can work without any person’s supervision.

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