How To Start A Law Firm In Kenya Easily & Legally Now

How To Start A Law Firm In Kenya Easily & Legally Now

Law firm business in Kenya is the most lucrative business idea that one can delve into. How to start a virtual law firm can be easy or complicated depending on the type of information that you have for the start.

This article is really meant for you as it will help you in knowing how to get clients for your law firm in Kenya.

Perhaps you are wondering how to start a law firm with no money or maybe a minimum capital as possible. I will show you the simplest ways that will be used as an eye opener for you as a beginner.

Below is a procedure on how to start a law firm business in Kenya:

Step 1: Select your preferred area of specialization which you are qualified for example criminal law, business law among others.

Step 2: Draft an effective solo law firm business plan that will act aa your direction in the beginning and management of your law firm business.

Step 3: Register your law firm business name in the eCitizen portal so as to make it a legal entity in the country.

Step 4: Get an approval letter from the law society of Kenya that has no any objections.

Step 5: Registration of your Law Firm business with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for taxation purposes.

Step 6: Locate a strategic place where you will set up your law firm business and acquire lots of clients at your doorstep.

Step 7: Launching your business immediately after everything is set.

I wish you the very best as you start your law firm business in Kenya. Remember the more effective your LSK law firm management plan you have the more successful your business becomes.

Law Firm Requirements In Kenya

You may also be interested in knowing the Law firm requirements which include:

1. Have an approval letter from the law society of Kenya.

2. Have a diploma from the Kenya school of law.

3. Degree in law from a recognized university.

4. Have a law practicing certificate.


In summary, law firm business is very professional and requires a lot of consideration in order to build a good reputation. Besides, there are Advocates rules Kenya that will guide you in your law firm business.

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