How to Start a Non Profit Organization in Kenya

Let us begin by understanding what a non profit organization really is. Well, a non profit organization is one kind of organization that is not after making any kind of profits. Instead, the organization’s income is distributed among its members.

Your main concern may be how to start a non profit organization in Kenya. Well, for you to start a non profit organization in Kenya, you have to consider the below steps.

Step 1: Name Your Non Profit Organization

Having a unique name for your organization helps in terms of the popularity of the organization. Every client would want to know the name of the business for general purposes.

Step 2: Choose a Registered Agent

Having a registered agent should be highly considered. This will help in running a legitimate business.

Step 3: Selecting Board Members and Officers

Having board members and officers is very important as they will be in charge of the activities that will be conducted. They will be responsible for the daily activities of the business and also for the checks and balances of the organization.

Step 4: Adopt Bylaws

Laws are necessary for any organization. Law determines the legitimacy of the business. It is very essential for any organization to adopt bylaws.

Step 5: Get an Employer Identification Number

This will be used by the federal government to identify a business entity. Basically, an employer identification number is a security number for the company.

How to Start an NGO in Kenya

An NGO (non-governmental organization) registration requirements in Kenya include;

  • Three proposed officials and two other board members.
  • Two recent coloured sized passport photographs.
  • A name reservation form that is approved.

NGO registration forms in Kenya can be accessed online via the official NGO website.

Cost to Register an NGO in Kenya

You may be asking yourself how much it cost to register an NGO in Kenya. For national NGOs, a fee of about Ksh. 16,000 is chargeable. For the case of international NGOs, a fee of about Ksh. 30,000 is chargeable.

How To Register An NGO Online

The process is very simple, first, go to the search engine and type NGO online registration. You will be taken to the official website and afterward, you can proceed with your registration.

The registration process takes a period of a month and thereafter a certificate is issued.

NGO Board Requirements include Identity cards, passport-sized photographs and three copies of the constitution signed by three top officers.


Finally, now that you have a clear understanding of non profit organizations, you can go ahead and start one. Non profit organizations in Kenya are among the best organizations business to venture into. All that is required is determination and a little bit of patience to run the organization.

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