How To Start A Pharmacy Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Pharmacy Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Pharmacies are really important in the modern world as it offers back up to hospitals. Also, they help prevent congestion in hospitals as they also provide treatment to acute diseases which are not yet chronic.

Venturing into pharmacy business in Kenya is a really brilliant idea as it is helpful to both you as an individual due to the high profits that you get and the society at large as it offers health services at a competent rate.

There are key things you ought to know before starting a pharmacy business in Kenya. Let me show you the procedure on how to start a pharmacy business in Kenya:

Step 1: Conduct a thorough market research about the pharmacy business in order to have knowledge about you’re the business at large.

Step 2. Drafting of an effective pharmacy business plan in Kenya that will be your source of direction in the management of your business.

Step 3. Locate a strategic place where you will set up your business and have more customers.

Step 4. Funding of your business by obtaining capital from the possible sources such as your savings, bank loans, money from your family, among others.

Step 5. Register your pharmacy business with the eCitizen portal to make your business a legal entity in Kenya.

Step 6. Acquire the licenses and permits that will help you avoid inconveniences from the law.

Step 7. Rent a space where your business will be set up.

Step 8. Buy the required items such as medical equipment and medicine that you are going to use to make your pharmacy business complete.

Step 9. Launch your pharmacy business immediately after everything id completed.

Step 10.Market your business mainly through advertisements.

This is a simple procedure that will help you to start your pharmacy business in Kenya.

Requirements To Start A Pharmacy

Besides, there are requirements to start a pharmacy in Kenya that you must have which include:

1.Have a registered business either as a sole proprietorship, company or partnership.

2.Academic certificates of pharmaceutical Technologist.

3.Enrollment certificate by pharmacy and Poison Board of Kenya.

4. Equipment should be in place.

5.Business floor plan of your pharmacy premise.

Cost Of Starting A Pharmacy In Kenya

Maybe you have been wondering what is the cost of starting a pharmacy in Kenya? It costs an average of Ksh.600,000 to start a simple well organized pharmacy that is well equipped.

Profitability Of Pharmacy In Kenya

Have you ever wanted to know how profitable is pharmacy business in Kenya? Pharmacy Business is the highest medical business in Kenya with the highest profits since pharmacy medicine are always quite expensive than the medicine obtained from the government hospitals.

The richest pharmacist in Kenya also conquered that this business indeed turns dreams into reality.

Persons Who Can Open A Pharmacy

Arising questions in this sector include can a nurse open a pharmacy in Kenya and can a clinical officer open a pharmacy in Kenya? Yes a nurse and a clinical officer can open a pharmacy because they have experience in treating acute diseases as long as they obtain the right license.

List Of Registered Pharmacies And Chemists In Kenya

These are some examples of pharmacies and chemists that are registered in Kenya:

1. Beta Healthcare International Limited.

2. Krishna Chemist Limited.

3. Yaya Chemists Limited.

4. Suncity Chemists.


To sum up, pharmacy business Kenya is a really profitable business in Kenya that is worth investing in. Besides, it helps create employment opportunities for many people in the country.

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