How To Start A Pool Business In Kenya On Tight Budget & Succeed

How To Start A Pool Business In Kenya On Tight Budget & Succeed

Relaxing your mind from work and other activities is what people are looking forward to in the modern days. Leisure time gives people the opportunity to enjoy their hobbies like playing pool, among other gaming staff.

Do you want to know how to start a pool business in Kenya with small capital? Well, I got you covered as I will give you a first hand information that will help you venture into pool business in Kenya.

Without further ado, let us get started on how to start a pool business in Kenya:

Step 1: Conduct a very informative market research that will help you know whether pool table business is worth investing in.

Step 2: Locate a strategic place that will help you reach easily your target market more so the youths.Therefore,you can locate it in a university or college, bars and restaurants, among others.

Step 3:Draft a useful pool table business plan that will act as your guide in your entire business existence.

Step 4: Get yourself a pool table license in Kenya and other permits to make it a recognized entity in the country.

Step 4:Buy a pool table set.

Step 5: Launch your pool table business.

Step 6: Market your business for you to attract more customers.

These steps will help you succeed in setting up your pool business.Remember,your key thing is ensuring you have a standard pool business plan in Kenya or else you will fail in your business.

Pool Table Price List In Kenya

A new classic pool table in Kenya ranges from Ksh.60,000 to 280,000.They are available in various shops and also online marketers such as Jumia.

A second hand pool table price in Kenya which is averagely Ksh.40,000 or less than this depending on the pool table condition.


To conclude, pool table business is a more profitable business in Kenya yet it uses a minimum capital to start. Besides, it is helpful due to the fun and enjoyment it offers to people.

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