How To Start A Spice Business In Kenya Easily For Profits Now

How To Start A Spice Business In Kenya Easily For Profits Now

Spices make food more tastier and appealing. Many  Kenyans love African spices on their meals in order to have a certain aroma. How to start a spice business from home is very easy and also cheap as you will not require much capital.

Besides, you can as well start selling spices online in order to get a variety of customers country wide. Although this requires a social media account where you will be advertising your spices.

Let us get started on how to start a spice business in Kenya:

Step 1: Draft a strategic spice business plan that will act as your framework in the starting and management of your business.

Step 2: Make it a legal entity such as LLC and Corporation that protects you from being held responsible for the spice business if your spice business is sued.

Step 3: Registration of taxes by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Step 4: Open your spice business bank account where you will be putting your money for safety purposes.

Step 5: Get yourself business permits and licenses that will protect you from the local authorities “ kanjo.”

Step 6: Obtain business insurance that will serve as your protection in case of anything such as fire, theft, among others.

Step 7: Market your business mainly through advertisements in order to get a variety of clients.

Before I forget, you can source original spices from Eastleigh that is if you are within Nairobi and its environs.

Spice Business Equipment To Buy

These are the steps that will help you in setting your spice business and become successful.

Perhaps you may wish to know spice business equipment which include:

1. Milling and drying machine for fine powders.

2. Vacuum cabinet dryer for functional foods.

3. Freeze drying systems.

4. Metal detector for spices.

Spice Business For Sale Prices In Kenya

You may also be interested in knowing the spice business for sale which ranges from Ksh.400,000 to Ksh.1,200,000. This is an already established spice business with all equipment and even some customers. A little of marketing and taking a competitive advantage and you will easily succeed.


Spice business is more profitable due to the minimum market competition in Kenya. Besides, it has various added advantages such as minimum capital requirements which favors the majority.

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