How To Start A Tuk Tuk Business In Kenya & Easily Make Profit

How To Start A Tuk Tuk Business In Kenya & Easily Make Profit

Due to the coronavirus pandemic around the globe, many people prefer to use tuk tuk as compared to other public vehicles.

This is because tuk tuk accommodates few people unlike buses and matatus therefore tuk tuk does not give a chance of spreading coronavirus from one person to another.

This makes the demand for tuk tuk to increase making it a lucrative business to start in Kenya. Besides, tuk tuk business does not require a huge amount of capital as there are also second hand tuk tuk for sale in Kenya.

Let me show you how to start a tuk tuk business in Kenya:

Step 1. Write an effective tuk tuk business plan that will act as your guide in the management of your tuk tuk business.

Step 2. Get your start up capital by either using your savings or borrowing loans. You can as well acquire funds from your family or even friends.

Step 3. Get the best tuk tuk after gathering information from tuk tuk drivers in order to know the best tuk tuk to buy.

Step 4. Acquire a tuk tuk business permit and your own driving license to avoid landing into trouble with the authorities.

Step 5. Get your business insurance more so the comprehensive insurance that covers the rider, passengers and other third parties involved incase of an accident.

Step 7. Locate a strategic place where you are going to set up your tuk tuk business that will help you have more customers at the end of the day.

Cost Of Buying A Tuk Tuk In Kenya

Cost of buying a tuk tuk in Kenya varies depending on various factors such as the type of the tuk tuk, durability, material used, among others.

In case you are interested in new tuk tuk for sale in Kenya, here are some of the popular tuk tuk brands and their respective average prices in Kenya:

New bajaj tuk tuk price in Kenya is Ksh. 495,000.

Cargo tuk tuk price in Kenya is Ksh.238,000 to Ksh.300,000.

V8 tuk tuk price Kenya is Ksh.500,000.

Haojin tuk tuk price in Kenya Ksh.200,000 – Ksh.285,000.

Dayun tuk tuk price in Kenya is Ksh.260,000.

There are also second hand tuk tuk for sale in Nairobi that ranges from Ksh.100,000 to as high as Ksh.450,000.

Disadvantages Of Tuk Tuk Business

Just like any other business, there are disadvantages of tuk tuk business in Kenya as well which include:

1. You will only make more money when you ride yourself instead of hiring a person to do the task for you.

2. It is least effective during raining seasons since it is not fully covered.

3. Cannot carry heavy loads as their engines were not designed to perform heavy tasks.

These are just but the minimum disadvantages of tuk tuk business but its advantages outgrows the disadvantages.


To conclude tuk business is very helpful as I have witnessed many families surviving using tuk tuk business as their only source of income yet they are successful.

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