How To Start A Wallpaper Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Wallpaper Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Wallpapers are sources of interior designing in either a home, office or any other place. Many people in the current century prefer wallpapers as they are not permanent as one  can be able to change frequently the design of their house or office.

Besides bringing an aesthetic value in your house, wallpapers also contribute to the durability of your wall thus minimum renovation of your walls thus saving more at the end of the tunnel.

Wallpaper installation in Kenya has really brought more good to the society at large due to job creation opportunities for many individuals.

Recently, 3D wallpaper Kenya was introduced in the country at affordable prices yet they are so amazing with their unique designs.

Let me show you how to start a wallpaper business in Kenya:

Step 1: Acquire the necessary skills required in running the wallpaper business.

Step 2: Do your own market research about wallpapers.

Step 3: Locate a busy place where you can sell your wallpapers. You can also create a business account on social media incase you want to do it online. Also, you can have your own marketing website.

Step 4: Have a wallpaper business permit to avoid inconveniences by the law.

Step 5: Get your capital together.

Step 6: Identify your supplier who will supply you with unique wallpaper designs.

Step 7: Buy the necessary equipment and wallpapers.

Step 8: Market your wallpaper Kenya business majorly through advertising as this will help you in how to promote wallpaper business.

Wallpaper Business franchise can be done easily by following the steps that I have given you.

Places To Buy Wallpaper In Kenya

Are you wondering where to buy wallpaper in wholesale? There are various places where you can buy wallpapers in wholesale such as wallpapers in Eastleigh, and Kamukunji.

These are the main wholesalers who have wallpapers for sale in Kenya. Eastleigh wallpapers can be cheaper than in Kamukunji and you can have an added advantage for bulk orders.

In addition, wallpaper prices in Kenya highly vary depending on the type of the wallpaper with vinyl wallpaper Kenya and 3D wallpaper Kenya being quite expensive than the local wallpapers.


In summary, wallpaper business is an amazing business for an individual who is passionate about decorations. Besides, one earns more profit in selling these wallpapers in Kenya.

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