How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Kenya Easily More Money

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Kenya Easily More Money

Affiliate marketing jobs in Kenya is one of the easy way to make money whether online through website or social media or offline through word of mouth.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a marketing approach in which affiliates are compensated for introducing consumers. Actually, it is a pay per click affiliate programs in Kenya since your referral has to click to go to the recommended website and you earn.

 Many businesses have similar systems in place to assist increase sales through recommendations. It is one of the most popular methods to make money online in Kenya, particularly for those who have huge social followings and email lists to tap into.

Affiliate marketing websites pay differently, some offer a onetime commission while others offer recurring commission.

Recurring commissions are more beneficial in the long run since you get paid indefinitely as long as your referral keeps renewing their subscriptions.

This is how to start affiliate marketing in Kenya in a step by step process:

Step 1: Identify an affiliate marketing company in Kenya

Sep 2: Choose high paying and the company that offers services you are also offering

Step 3: Sign up for free with the company

Step 4: Copy your unique referral link or code

Step 5: Share your unique link or code in your blogs, or social media or in any content you are sharing

Step 6: Once you make a successful conversion, you earn

Step 7: Withdraw your commission based on terms of the company

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites In Kenya With High Commissions

These are some of the high paying affiliate programs in Kenya that you can sign up now and start earning from your network:

1) Jumia Affiliate Marketing

Jumia has successfully established itself as Kenya’s leading online shopping destination. Its affiliate program offers up to 11% commission on any sales generated.

The Jumia affiliate programs in Kenya, which was recently renamed as KOL, is an excellent program to join since consumers are already aware with the brand.

You’ll only have to go through their massive assortment to locate the perfect products that will appeal to your target audience.

2) Kilimall Affiliate

Kilimall, another famous shopping site and one of Jumia’s key competitors, is another popular shopping site.

Its affiliate network offers up to 8% income on successful transactions.

3) 22Bet Affiliate

22Bet is a betting company that is one of the most well-known in Kenya. Over 10,000 bloggers are now profiting with the 22Bet affiliate network.

The business pays a fee ranging from $25 to 45 percent on all money lost by gamers recruited. However, there exist negative earnings when players earn more than they lose.

4) Betway Affiliate Program

Betway is a betting site, and it is one of the largest in Kenya. It has an affiliate program for bloggers who work in the sports and gambling industries.

The commissions range between 25% and 45 percent. Affiliates are compensated based on the amount of money that clients referred lose.

An affiliate can earn up to Ksh 1 million in a single month. Other betting programs are betika affiliate program and sportpesa affiliate program.

5) Travelstart Affiliate Program

Travelstart is accessible in over ten African nations. If you are a travel blogger, this is the greatest affiliate marketing network in Kenya to join.

They will pay you Ksh400 for each local client you suggest to Travelstart. They will pay you Ksh1,200 for each overseas customer you bring to Kenya.

6) Amazon Affiliate Kenya

The Amazon affiliate program, commonly known as “Amazon Associates,” is a simple method to monetise your website or blog.

Simply sign up, obtain instant approval, and start displaying Amazon affiliate links on your website immediately.

It’s as easy as that: when someone makes an Amazon purchase through one of your links, you get a commission. Commission varies depending on the value of goods bought.

7) iPay Africa

iPay Africa is a payment processing merchant that allows online stores to take payments from both domestic and international consumers.

Its affiliate program pays 10% of the fees charged to merchants in perpetuity. It is one of the greatest affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

8) Safaricom Affiliate Program

Main services available for affiliate is for airtime and home fibre product. To participate, dial *544#, pick 1 or 4, and then choose earn additional airtime, following which you enter the phone number of the friend or family member you want to suggest.

Following that, customers will receive a message displaying the bundle, its price, and instructions on how to purchase the product (bundle or Home package).

It should be noted, however, that you must be a Home Fibre customer to have access to fibre recommendations, as they do not display on the access code or its package identification.

9) Affiliate Program for DomainRacer

DomainRacer offers up to a 70% commission on successful referrals, as well as a $200 bonus for introducing 50 or more clients in a month.

You can also receive a $2,500 credit bonus if you generate leads.

10) Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts is Kenya’s top hosting business. The hosting company hosts almost 20,000 businesses.

For bloggers and marketers who want to sell their items, the firm offers an affiliate network. Every client recommended to the firm earns the marketer up to Ksh2,000.

11) Hubspot

Hubspot is a sales and marketing software that assists businesses in attracting consumers and closing agreements. It offers one of the best paid affiliate programs in Kenya that you may begin marketing.

The “starter” plan offers a $250 commission per conversion, the “professional” package offers a $500 commission, and the “enterprise” package offers a $1,000 commission.

Such high cost affiliate schemes are fantastic since you don’t have to convert as many individuals in a month to make a respectable living.

12) HostPinnacle

HostPinnacle will pay you 50% of the price of a product sold. If you link a client who purchases a Ksh 10,000 goods, your account will be rewarded with Ksh5,000.

According to the business, an affiliate marketer can earn up to Ksh 60,000 each month.

HostPinnacle provides web hosting, domain registration, and site design services.

13) Topserve

Topserve is a beauty-focused e-commerce site. The company’s affiliate program pays a commission of 5% on each successful sale.

14) Betwinner

Betwinner is another betting service with a lucrative affiliate scheme. The usual commission for any amount lost by your affiliate clients is 25%.

Based on the amount of clients you suggest to the firm each month, your commission might climb to 45 percent.

You may earn more than Ksh 100,000 per month with Betwinner if you run a website that has more than 10,000 visits each day.

15) SEMrush

SEMrush is an internet tool for marketers and SEO professionals.

BeRush, an affiliate program, pays up to $200 for each successful referral and an extra $10 for each user who signs up for the free trial.

16) Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known online marketplace for virtual services including graphic design, web design, and writing.

Its affiliate program offers up to $150 for each referral.

17) Coursera

People are more open to the notion of online learning as a result of the Coronavirus shutdown.

Coursera is a well-known online learning platform. Its affiliate program offers up to 45% revenue on more than 4,000 courses.

18) Teachable

Teachable is yet another major competitor in the online learning space. The platform is intended to assist professors in creating their own online courses in which students may pay to enroll.

Over 68,000 instructors have already joined up. Its affiliate program offers a recurring reward of 30% on all successful referrals.

19) Udemy

Udemy is another another online learning site, maybe the most well-known due to its extensive selection of low-cost courses.

Its affiliate program offers a 15% commission on each course sold via your referral link.

20) Shopify

Shopify is a platform that allows users to create their own e-commerce businesses by utilizing clever and drag-and-drop builders.

Its user friendliness is one of the reasons it is so popular. Without any coding skills, any non-technical person may create their own shopping store from the ground up.

For each new user introduced, the Shopify affiliate program pays an average of $58.

21) Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the world’s most well-known web hosting businesses.

Its affiliate program offers a $65 commission for each successful referral. Last year, the business paid out over $5 million in commissions.

22) Hostgator

Hostgator is another hosting provider that pays $65 per recommendation, but the incentive amount increases to $125 per referral if you sign up more than 21 individuals in a month.

23) Green Geeks

Green geeks is yet another hosting business with a green spin. Because the internet is a known polluter of the environment, Green Geeks maintains all of their websites on environmentally friendly servers.

Its affiliate program offers up to $100 in commission for each successful referral.

24) Wix

Wix is a website builder that allows non-technical users to easily create sophisticated websites.

It is presently utilized by more than 100 million individuals worldwide. Its affiliate program compensates $100 for each new user.

25) ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder that assists entrepreneurs in closing leads.

Its affiliate program provides a monthly recurring revenue of 40%.

26) Leadpages

Leadpages is another another website and sales funnel creation tool. Its affiliate program provides a monthly recurring commission of 50% for as long as the user renews their membership.

Note that for all these online affiliate marketing jobs, you need either a laptop and a phone or both.

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