How To Start Uber Business In Kenya Easily For Profit

How To Start Uber Business In Kenya Easily For Profit

Uber Business in Kenya is taking the lead in offering taxi services in various towns specifically Nairobi. This business is highly demanded in the country due to covid pandemic which creates a needful environment for taxis as they offer proper social distance unlike public means.

Uber Business idea is a very good business idea which with informative data you will be able to run a successful business in Kenya.

Are you wondering how much do uber owners make in Kenya? Well, uber owners make an average of Ksh.2,000 a day regardless of how the driver managed the whole day.

Let us get started on how to start uber business in Kenya:

Step 1: Create your profile at Kenya and fill the required information in details.

Step 2: Completing your vehicle inspection.

Step 3: Uploading all your vehicle documents and details at partners

Step 4:Put your banking details where money will be banked and should reflect in your bank account. Payments are made on a weekly basis.

Step 5: Add your own driver partner who will be driving that car for you. This only applies when you are not the one driving that car.

This steps will be used as an eye opener for you.

Uber Kenya Car Requirements

Requirements for uber car registration include:

  • Model year 2012 and above.
  • Should be a 4 door car.
  • Business Permit.
  • Motor vehicle registration book.
  • PSV insurance.
  • Car should be in a good condition.
  • 8 year age limit.

Ensure your car has these requirements in order to register with uber Kenya without difficulties.

To work for uber you must be registered with the company. You may also want to know how to register my car with uber Kenya. It is a very simple step which is simply done by signing in the Uber sign up page and fill in the required information in details.

Money Uber Drivers Make

Perhaps you are wondering how much do uber drivers make in Kenya. Uber drivers make an average of Ksh.30,000 to Ksh.70,000 per month including all the allowances.


To sum up, uber business is really helpful in various dimensions but the major part is that it yields to high profits on a daily basis.

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