InterContinental Hotel Owner Seeks New Tenant After 53 Years

Intercontinental Hotel Closure New Tenant Needed

The building on which the international brand has been functioning is owned by Kenya Hotel Properties Limited (KHPL).

Since 1947, the Nairobi facility has been operated and managed by the InterContinental Hotels Corporation on a 99-year lease.

After 53 years of service in Kenya, the renowned five-star InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi is poised to close its doors.

Due to financial difficulties, the parent company, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), severed relations with the Kenyan franchise, continuing a pattern that has plagued the company’s global operations.

It has been closing more hotels than it is opening in recent years as part of a strategy to improve customer service and brand reputation.

Following the shutdown of the renowned InterContinental hotel last year in April 2019, less than a month after the country’s first Covid-19 case was disclosed, the owner is evaluating alternatives for the business’s future.

”The terms and references are for the engagement of a qualified consultant to guide in strategic options towards best use utilisation of the firm’s property situated along Parliament Road near Holy Family Basilica,” the notice reads.

The liquidator has been named as Joseph Kimani of Kingori Kimani and Company.

”This is to notify any person including past scheme members who may have any claim against to submit such claims together with supporting evidence to the liquidator within 30 days,” the notice read in part.

It went on to say that when the notice expires, the liquidator would only deal with submitted claims, wound up the plan, and distribute assets based on the facts provided.

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