Jamaa Mission Hospital Maternity Charges, Contacts, Services

Jamaa Mission Hospital Maternity Charges

All you need to know about Jamaa Mission Hospital maternity charges and package, services, contacts, location, address, and many more is here.

Jamaa Mission Hospital is managed by Sisters of Our Lady of Charity. The hospital initially started as a girl child facility. However, the hospital has now grown to a highly equipped level four District hospital that operates 24 hours.

The hospital has more than 40 highly experienced and full time doctors and more than 50 nurses. Jamaa hospital has 85 bed capacity for maternity, medical, surgical, paediatric, and other cases for both male and female.

Jamaa Mission Hospital Contacts

Tel 1: 020 77 86 547

Tel 2: 020 77 87 033

Cell 1: 0733 535 354

Cell 2: 0725 221 456

Mobile: 0722 68 15 34

Email: jamaa@edelvaletrust.org

Jamaa Mission Hospital Location

Uhuru Estate, Along Buru Buru Road, Nairobi

Jamaa Mission Hospital Address

P.O. Box 17153-00510
Nairobi, Kenya

Jamaa Mission Hospital Maternity Charges

Jamaa Mission Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Normal DeliveryKsh. 60,000
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 110,000 – Ksh. 140,000
Jamaa Mission Hospital Maternity Charges

Jamaa Mission Hospital accepts NHIF. Contact the hospital for more information about the exact cost NHIF can pay for you.

You can also use private insurance companies in Kenya to pay your hospital bill.

If you wish to compare the Jamaa Mission Hospital maternity fees with other hospitals, you can check the Hospitals In Kenya maternity fees.

Jamaa Mission Hospital Maternity Package

1. Antenatal Care

Health care of expectant mothers are monitored by professionals. Medications, weighing, nutritional advice and many more services are administered. High risk pregnancy are taken carer off to enhance chances of reaching maturity

2. Obstetric And Gynecology Services

Obstetrics and gynecological outpatient clinic is a specialized clinic run by consultant obstetrician/ gynecologist. Issues including fertility, high risk pregnancy, and other complications are handled. The clinic runs three times a week, Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

3. Normal Delivery

Experienced midwives, nurses, and doctors assist women to give birth naturally especially women who have no complications and are capable of naturally giving birth.

4. Caesarian Delivery

Elective and emergency caesarian section can be conducted to expectant women who have complications, or have high risk pregnancy to make them received a bouncy baby. Besides, specialized newborn unit is available just in case the newborn needs more attention.

5. Postnatal Care

After delivery of baby, both the wellbeing of mother and child are monitored including healthy growth, and nutrition needs. In case medications are needed, they can be administered.

6. Well Baby Care

Newborns are well attended including vaccinations, weight and growth development monitoring, and nutritional guidance is administered. In case of sickness, children are treated with professionals.

Jamaa Mission Hospital Services

Natural Family Planning

We have the family life education which is a comprehensive education on family life including postponing or achieving pregnancy (natural family planning) is taught at our hospital on appointment.

Orthopedic Inpatient

The hospital also offers specialized orthopedics services as in-patient with the help of highly equipped hospital theatre and highly skilled orthopedic personnel.

Medical Outpatient Clinics (MOPC)

This clinic is run by consultant physicians who are general physicians and diabetologists, it is offered twice a week i.e, on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, the general physician and diabetic clinic is mainly on Wednesday afternoon’s gastroenterologist

Nutritional Clinic

It is held every Wednesday from 2:00pm-4:00pm and it is run by our very qualified nutritionist.

Post Natal Clinic

Clinics days are: Thursdays only from 2.00pm -3.00pm

Well Baby Clinics

The complete package goes up to 18 months. It includes: weighing, vaccinations, and nutrition and any other baby needs.

Paediatric Clinic

Paediatric outpatient clinic is a specialized clinic run by consultant paediatrics three times in a week, Monday, Thursday and Saturday

ARV Drugs

The comprehensive care clinic which operates every Friday morning offers wholesome care for HIV positive patients and offers free treatment including free provisions of

  • Anti-retroviral drugs (ARV’s)
  • Opportunistic Infections (OI’s)
  • Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP’s)
  • Adherence counseling.

TB Clinics

It is open once a week on Thursdays morning from 8:00am-12:00pm and offers anti-TB medications and diagnostic testing and counseling (DTC).

Surgical Outpatient Clinic And Medical Consultant Clinics

This clinic is run by consultant surgeons who are general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and urologists, it is offered 3 times a week: General surgical and orthopedic clinic on Tuesday & Friday, general surgical and urology on Friday.

ENT Clinic

The (Ear, Nose & Throat) clinic is held here on Tuesday from 12:00pm-1:00pm and it is run by a qualified ENT specialist.


Jamaa Mission Hospital maternity fees are affordable. Besides, the hospital is highly equipped with experienced professionals to handle a wide range of issues. The hospital accepts NHIF and private insurance companies to pay your hospital bill.

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