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Jubilee Insurance Kenya

Here is a quick overview of facts you should know about Jubilee Insurance Kenya, products and packages, policy, services, and investment. Policy including Jubilee education policy and Jubilee investment policy has been covered. Be empowered with sound knowledge to help you decide on which Jubilee Insurance package suits your needs.

Jubilee Insurance company is an established limited company that risks in providing their members with multiple financial solution to both individuals and corporate. The company is one of the longest serving insurance companies. It was started in 1937, in Mombasa.

Jubilee Insurance Kenya has several branches spread throughout the country that enhance efficient provision of their services to their clients. The insurer is among the top rated in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and has won a number of awards.

Jubilee Insurance Contacts

Head Office: Nairobi Kenya

Tel: +254 (0) 20 328 1000

Email: info@jubileekenya.com

Services Offered By Jubilee Insurance Company

Jubilee Insurance packages have been grouped in categories of different products. Jubilee Insurance Products are listed divided in 5 categories namely;

  1. Travel Cover
  2. Motor Cover
  3. Pension Cover
  4. Life Cover
  5. Health Cover
  6. Investment Plan

1. Travel Cover

Jubilee Travel insurance cover that caters expenses of occasional travelers outside country. Some of the expenses include;

  1. Medical emergencies
  2. Couples and families
  3. 24Hrs emergency assistance
  4. Comprehensive medical emergency worth 5 million.

2. Motor Cover

Jubilee Motor Insurance covers your car from arising liabilities, for instance; when involved in an accident, when stolen or burnt. Some of the benefits include;

  1. Accident and disability benefit
  2. 24hr towing service
  3. Free motor inspection and valuation
  4. Excellent claim statements

The motor Insurance also offers:

  • Third party fire & theft that caters for body injury, property damage, theft and fire for third party.
  • Comprehensive cover that caters for theft fire and accident damage to the vehicle .

3. Pension Cover

Jubilee Pension Insurance Provides members with a retirement benefit plan that helps registered members develop a long-term saving plan that secure them from financial deficits after their retirement. Some of the benefits include;

  1. Maximum guarantee investment of 4%
  2. tax relief benefits
  3. No set up fee
  4. Guaranteed accumulation of capital and investment income.

4. Health Cover

Jubilee Health Insurance provides financial solutions under Jcare Johari Health insurance to protect registered members and their dependents from health emerging issues. The medical cover is eligible to adults aged 18-60 years and children 1-17 years. Benefits include;

  1. No health checkups
  2. Affordable comprehensive cover
  3. 24hr call center
  4. No paper work
  5. Easy access to services
  6. Simple online enrollment
  7. Wellness program

5. Education Cover

Education package is under Career Life Plus. It provides a well manageable fund plan that secures your child’s future education with financial security. Jubilee Insurance education policy guarantees your child’s future education by offering you financial stability to enable your child achieve their dreams and life goals.

Some of the benefits includes;

  1. Flexible investment options
  2. Accident and disability cover
  3. Education savings with life cover
  4. financial security.

6. Jubilee Insurance Investment Plan

T`he plan offers members with a life insurance plan through Fanaka to help you save and build up financially. Fanaka investment plan helps you achieve your desired life goals and can also provide you capital to start up a business. Some of the benefits include;

  1. Flexible investment options
  2. Accident disability cover
  3. Financial security
  4. Educations savings with life cover

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