Lilian Muli Biography And Online Jobs

Lilian Muli Biography And Online Jobs

Lilia Muli is leading a luxurious lifestyle from engaging in online jobs in Kenya. Here is a quick overview of various kinds of online jobs the celebrity does that has made her wealthy.

Muli is a popular Kenyan television news anchor. She has worked with Kenya’s top TV stations, including NTV and Citizen TV. She has also held other TV program shows apart from news broadcasting. She is divorced with two children and has gained a massive following on her social media platforms, growing her popularity.

Lilian Muli Biography

Lilian Muli Muli was born on 4th May 1982 to her parents Henry Muli and Peninah Muli Mwende. Her late father was a lawyer, and her mother currently lives in Bangkok. She passed her primary school exams and joined Loreto Convent, Msongari secondary school, for her high school studies.

Lilian Muli attended Day Star university to pursue communication and newscasting, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Later she took her Masters in Strategic management at the University of Nairobi. She has adopted her social media platforms for online marketing, one of the Best online jobs with handsome returns.

Celebrated NameLilian Muli  
Real NameLilian Muli  
Date of Birth4th May 1982
Marital Status     Divorced
Spouse NameNone
Biography Of Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli’s Online Jobs


Muli has a YouTube channel where she shares many of her life experiences, including her relationship with her ex-husbands and children. She also holds educative videos with her audience on overcoming challenges and standing out.

Affiliate Marketing

Lilian has advertised her family farm products on her social media platforms which led to massive orders from her fans. The sales have reduced of farm products wastage compared to other years sales. The Farm has then grown due to high demand from fans with multiple orders. She also encourages the young generation to venture into other Jobs in Kenya as side hustled for financial stability.

Online Marketing Influencer

Lilian has influenced the online marketing business with her La Modelle Spa in Nairobi City, an investment in beauty and beauty products that has dramatically increased her earnings. She has also ventured into online selling of her far products, including Oranges, which her fans have received well. She also engaged in fashion and design before she upgraded to farm products.

Blogging/ Article Writing

The celebrity is a blogger. She is the founder of the program, pregnant with Lilian Muli. The show was featured on radio stations Tv and on her social media platforms, including viu sasa, where she reached millions on her message about her pregnancy journey.

She also blogs a wide range of content in relation to her lavish life and challenges and parenting, especially to single mothers.

Net Worth Of Lilian Muli

Her net worth is estimated to be over Ksh.5 Million. The sum can be calculated from her broadcasting career for Citizen Tv and NTV Channels. She has held other tv programmed shows such as Slim possible, among others.  

Muli owns personal business ventures such as the beauty clinic, Farm’s products, fashion, and designer clothes. She also has assets such as expensive cars and a great house, and others.


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Lilian Muli, a Kenyan celebrity, has been actively involved in Legit online jobs in Kenya, influencing other celebrities with her hard work. Among other Kenyan celebrities, she has engaged in several ways to make money online in Kenya. Lilian Muli discovered How to earn money online with her family farm products from their Farm in Machakos County. The online platform has a variety of employment, including Online jobs for students.

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