Manchester United: Can’t Run, Won’t Run – Breaking the Chains of Athletic Apathy Under Erik ten Hag

In the heart of Old Trafford, a challenge looms large for Manchester United. Despite the glory days of yore, the Red Devils find themselves in the throes of a struggle that transcends the scoreboard. The narrative echoed by Chris Sutton on Mail Sport’s ‘It’s All Kicking Off’ podcast resonates profoundly: Manchester United are crippled by a lack of athleticism, a deficiency that has left fans disillusioned and critics questioning Erik ten Hag’s tactical prowess.

In the wake of a disheartening 3-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City, Sutton’s words reverberate through the hallowed halls of Old Trafford. The issue at hand isn’t just about losing games; it’s about the fundamental essence of the beautiful game – athleticism. Sutton’s analysis pierces through the club’s struggles, pinpointing a crisis of dynamism and effort that has cast a shadow over the team’s performance.

At the heart of the matter lies a glaring truth: some players ‘can’t run’ while others ‘won’t run,’ creating a chasm between potential and reality. Sutton’s comparison with football giants like Guardiola and Klopp raises a critical question – can Manchester United’s players rise to the challenge? In a league where every inch matters, lack of athleticism can no longer be a tolerated trait.

Statistics paint a sobering picture, revealing that United lags behind in the distance covered, an area where even teams in lower standings have excelled. Scott McTominay emerges as a lone warrior, showcasing unmatched determination with an average of 12.6km covered per game. Yet, he can’t carry the burden alone. Players like Bruno Fernandes and Rasum Hojlund have shown promise, but the collective effort falls short.

The malaise stretches beyond the pitch, seeping into United’s ability to create opportunities. With a mere 11 league goals this season, the club grapples with a drought that echoes the sentiment of their fanbase. In this struggle, Erik ten Hag stands as a resilient leader, acknowledging the limitations of his current squad but refusing to succumb to despair.

Amidst the challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope. With unwavering determination and strategic recalibration, Manchester United can bridge the athleticism gap. The journey ahead is arduous, but it’s not insurmountable. Erik ten Hag’s vision for the team, combined with the latent talent within the squad, presents a pathway to redemption.

As the echoes of Sutton’s critique reverberate, they serve as a rallying cry for change. Manchester United’s story is far from over; it’s a tale of resilience, adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. The Red Devils may be crippled, but they are not defeated. The journey to reclaiming their athletic prowess and ascending the Premier League ranks is a battle yet to be won, a battle that starts with a single step, a single run, and a collective roar from the Old Trafford faithful.

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