Mater Hospital Contacts, Branches, And Address In Nairobi

Mater Hospital Contacts, Branches, And Address In Nairobi

Being among the best hospitals in Kenya, Mater Hospital Kenya has several branches in Nairobi. Find an easy guide of Mater Hospital contacts for various branches including specific Mater Hospital address. Also, get specific mater hospital contacts for various departments of Mater Hospital.

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Mater Hospital BranchesLocationMater Hospital Contacts For Branches
Mater HospitalDunga Road, South BMobile: +254719073000 Mobile: +254206903000

Emergency Contacts
Mobile: +254732163000 Mobile: +254719073000
Development House Medical Center1st Floor, Development House, Tom Mboya Street, Moi AvenueMobile: 0731000994 Mobile: 0719333222
Westlands Medical Centre1st Floor, Square near Uchumi Supermarket WestlandsMobile: 0734077880 Mobile: 0714660862
Thika Medical CenterTuskys Chania, ThikaMobile:0733370581 Mobile: 0712229988
Buruburu Medical Center1ST floor, Fairlane Building, Buruburu Shopping CenterMobile: 0733809916 Mobile: 0719888444
Embakasi Medical CenterKinetic House Along Outering RoadMobile: 0734300333
Kasarani Medical Center2nd Floor, Thika Road Mall, Kasarani. Thika RoadMobile:0731333994 Mobile: 0726433179
Mater Hospital Contact Number

Mater Hospital Contacts For Departments

Depending with the services you desire to get, you may want to call your specific department for assistance. Below is a contact table list of 18 departments at Mater Hospitals.

Mater Hospital DepartmentsMater Hospital Contacts for Departments
Main LinesPhone: 0732163000
Phone: 0719073000
Phone: 0206903000
Accidents And EmergencyPhone: 0719073050
Phone: 0732163050
Phone: 0206903050
ReceptionPhone: 0732163054
Phone: 0719073054
Phone: 0206903054
Registration DeskPhone: 0732163059
Phone: 0719073059
Phone: 0206903059
Admission DeskPhone: 0206903058
Phone: 0732163058
Phone: 0719073058
Consultants ClinicPhone: 0719073184
Phone: 0206903184
Phone: 0732163184
DentalPhone: 0732163306
Phone: 0719073306
CardiacPhone: 0206903257
Phone: 0732163257
Phone: 0719073257
PharmacyPhone: 0732163053
Phone: 0719073053
Phone: 0206903053
PhysiotherapyPhone: 0732163114
Phone: 0206903114
Phone: 0719073114
Comprehensive Care ClinicPhone: 0732163064
Phone: 0719073064
Phone: 0206903064
Wellness Person ClinicPhone: 0719073132
Phone: 0732163132
Phone: 0206903132
Mother And Child HealthPhone: 0732163046
Phone: 0719073046
Phone: 020-6903046
Renal UnitPhone: 0732163039
Phone: 0206903039
Phone: 0719073039
RadiologyPhone: 0206903139
Phone: 0732163139
Phone: 0719073139
LaboratoryPhone: 0719073118
Phone: 0206903118
Phone: 0732163118
School of NursingPhone: 0732163164
Phone: 0206903164
Phone: 0719073164
MarketingPhone: 0732163369
Phone: 0719073369
Phone: 0206903085
Phone: 0719073085
Phone: 0206903369
Mater Hospital Contacts

You may need more information such as Mater Hospital Consultation Fee, Mater Hospital Charges, Mater Hospital Maternity charges and more. In that case, visit Mater Hospital website for more information.

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