Meru Governor Demands Investigation Following Destruction of Her Donations

Meru Governor, Kawira Mwangaza, has urged law enforcement authorities to launch an investigation into an incident that disrupted her charity event on a Sunday afternoon.

Governor Mwangaza had visited Maua in the Igembe South region of northern Meru as part of her ‘Okolea kana ka Miiru’ initiative, designed to aid the most underprivileged members of the community. Unfortunately, her charitable efforts were marred when a group set fire to mattresses and other items meant for distribution to vulnerable families.

Furthermore, a cow she had intended to donate was slaughtered, and the meat was shared among those responsible for the disturbance.

Mwangaza has been touring various parts of the county, as she has done in previous years, providing livestock and other essentials to disadvantaged families and marginalized groups, including orphans and individuals with disabilities. Apart from heifers, Mwangaza travels to different areas in Meru, delivering water storage tanks, bedding, school uniforms, and various household items. She has called upon investigative agencies to identify the culprits and take appropriate action.

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