Midhill Hospital Maternity Charges, Contacts, Services

Midhill Hospital Maternity Charges, Services, Contacts, Location

Access all you need to know about Midhill hospital maternity charges, package, services, contacts, locations, address, gynaecologist, and many more.

The hospital has the capacity to deliver over 1,600 women annually. With a great history of high standard quality and safe services, the hospital has become a great place for women to acquire maternity services.

Midhill hospital is well staffed to include but not limited to midwives, nurses, doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, gynecologists, lab technicians, pharmacists, and many more.

Besides, the hospital facility is well equipped to include theatre, new born unit, emergency unit, laboratory, pharmacy, and many more specialized units.

Midhill Hospital Contacts

Phone: 254 713 338 084

Email: care@midhillhospital.org

Midhill Hospital Location

Naivasha Rd, Dagoretti, Nairobi City

Midhill Hospital Address

Naivasha Rd, Dagoretti, Nairobi City

Midhill Hospital Consultation Fee

Ksh. 500-Ksh. 1,500                                                                          

Midhill Hospital Maternity Charges   

The following table shows Midhill hospital maternity fees

Midhill Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Complete Medical LabKsh. 6, 500
Normal DeliveryStarting from Ksh. 17,000
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 95,000
Midhill Hospital Maternity Charges

Midhill Hospital Accepts NHIF. Thus, you can pay your maternity hospital bill using your NHIF.

To compare Midhill Hospital maternity fee with other hospitals, kindly check here Hospitals in Kenya.

Besides, private insurance companies can pay your hospital bill. Find out more in this category how private insurance companies in Kenya.

Midhill Hospital Maternity Package

Normal Delivery Package

Experienced midwives assist mothers with capability to give birth naturally to received their baby. Health status of both mother and baby are monitored thereafter.

Caesarian Delivery Package

Midhill hospital has a fully equipped theater where either emergency or elective caesarian can be done by surgeons.

Antenatal Care Package

Mothers wellbeing including laboratory services are administered to enhance healthy development of the unborn and mother. Medications, therapy, and counseling is administered whenever needed.

Postnatal Care Package

Newborns requiring special attention are taken care off. Besides, immunizations is at various stages. Growth and development of baby is monitored including nutritional guidance. The mother also receive medical assistance whenever needed to ensure healthy postpartum recovery.

Midhill Hospital Services

Child Welfare Clinic

Baby’s health including being examined by a paeditritian is done to ensure healthy development. In case of any abnormalities, medical care is administered.

Emergency Care

Midhill hospital emergency care is administered 24 hours each day and access to either critical care unit, onsite medical and nursing cover, angiography, resuscitation bay, cardiac chest pain referral, and operating theatres is available.

Gynaecology And Obstetritian Services

Issues to do with infertility, reproduction, urinary tract infection, and many more are conducted by specialists such as the Midhill hospital gynecologist


Issues to do with urinary system disorders can be medically treated at Midhill hospital.


If you have issues with your body system such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons, the hospital has facilities that can enhance your wellbeing. Physiotherapy is also administered.


Diverse surgery services are available including but not limited to:

  • Caesarian surgery
  • General surgery
  • Ear, nose, throat surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Obesity surgery


Midhill Hospital maternity charges is affordable. Besides, the hospital has both the needed facility and professionals to attend to your various medical needs. Insurance covers including NHIF is accepted at Midhill hospital.

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