Minimum Salary To Own A Car In Kenya Comfortably

Minimum Salary To Own A Car In Kenya

Having a car is no longer as costly as many people believe. Several types of automobiles are being produced to satisfy the needs of various socioeconomic groups.

Before deciding on a certain sort of automobile to purchase, low-income earners should focus on fuel consumption, budget, and engine size.

However, there is a certain salary level that you ought to earn to comfortable own a car, pay you family bills and even have something to save especially when you live in Nairobi and its environs where the cost of fuel is often high.

Thus, based on expert analysis, the minimum salary to own a car in Kenya is Ksh 80,000.

Reasons For The Minimum Salary To Be A Car Owner

1. Comfortably Maintain Your Ego

Purchasing a car in Kenya raises a person to a new level, affecting his circle of friends, where he hangs out, where he has lunch, and, most importantly, what he carries in his pocket. All of this comes at a price.

2. Car Maintenance And Fuel Cost

To keep your ego, you must have at least Ksh 12,000 per month for gasoline and maintenance, parking space, and at the very least a large house to live in.

3. Live In Good House

Being a vehicle owner necessitates living in extremely good apartments that cost at least Ksh 15,000 per month. If this apartment must have a parking lot, the rent must be between Ksh 15,000 and Ksh 21,000 per month.

Besides, you have a family or yourself to take of including paying basic bills such as electricity, water and buying food.

Cost Of Living Calculation Using The Minimum Salary To Own A Car

After taxation, if your pay is Ksh 80,000, you will receive Ksh 62,000 in your bank account.

Subtract Ksh 15,000 from your rent, Ksh 7,000 from your lunch, Ksh 12,000 from your gasoline, Ksh 5,000 from miscellaneous, and Ksh 10,000 from your shopping.

You’ll notice that you have fewer than Ksh 10,000 left to save.

Keep in mind you have not accounted for possible emergency now that you have to wait until end month for another pay.

That means, if your salary is below Ksh 80,000 and you own a car then you are likely to strain to sustain yourself. In the end, you may be trapped in a cycle of debts in order to survive before end month.

Alternative Ways To Own A Car With Low Salary

The above computation is an expert analysis with an assumption that you solely depend on one income source and thus only that monthly salary to command a living.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot earn a car when your salary is below the stated minimum. With extra income generating sources, you can comfortably own a car in Kenya and still live well without only depending on your salary.

You can finance your car using car loans. There are several best bank for car loan in Kenya such as NCBA car loan, or Standard Chartered Loan, among others. There also exist zero deposit car finance in Kenya.


Owning a car can be easy with numerous car loan financing in Kenya opportunities. However, maintaining the car as well as your own family and lifestyle requires a good minimum salary to own a car for you not to strain and leave your car home for lacking money for fuel or service.

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