Most Expensive Car to Maintain in Kenya Right Now

Luxurious cars are very opulence, the most expensive and mind-boggling creation of technology. Every individual desires to own expensive things as it is just human nature. Luxurious cars are enchanting and delightful status which symbolizes richness in society. The most expensive cars in Kenya are also the most expensive cars to maintain.

Most expensive car to maintain in Kenya is the Mercedes Benz Pullman S600. The average cost of maintaining a Mercedes Benz Pullman in Kenya is Ksh.10,000,000 per annum.

Most Expensive Cars in Kenya and Their Prices

Here are some of the most expensive cars which you may want to know:

  1. Mercedes Benz Pullman S600 – Ksh.160,000,000.
  2. The Rolls Royce Phantom – Ksh. 45,000,000.
  3. Lamborghini Murcialego – Ksh.44,000,000.
  4. Rolls Royce Ghost – Ksh.43,500,000.
  5. Ferrari 612 Sessanta- Ksh. 43,000,000.

Have you ever asked yourself who owns the most expensive car in Kenya? President Uhuru Kenyatta owns the most expensive car in Kenya which is the Mercedes Benz Pullman S600 which costs an average of Ksh.160,000,000.

Are you curious to know who owns a Bugatti in Kenya? Well, the owner is not yet known but it was sported at  Mombasa port. Besides, Sadat Muhindi, the CEO of maliza umaskini commented on the post and desired to buy saying that cash is ready.

Perhaps you may be interested in knowing the most expensive SUV in Kenya which is the Bentley Bentyaga which costs an average of Ksh.24,000,000.


In a nutshell, owners of the most expensive cars are the celebrities, politicians, famous business people who are willing and able to afford the daily fuel and also the high maintenance cost of the car. It is good to have a luxurious car as a reward for your hard work. Besides, expensive automobiles are a clear indication of financial freedom thus a symbol of wealth in society.

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