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Nairobi Womens Hospital

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The Nairobi Women’s hospital is one of the best health care providers in the country with 17 years of service. The hospital is a modern health care facility that operates 24 hours.

It has a high capacity and accommodates more than 479 beds. There are at least 1,300 experienced and highly qualified medical personnel who delivers quality services.

Besides, hospital has established other branches in different places including but not limited to;

  • Hurlingham,
  • Ongata-Rongai,
  • Adams,
  • Kitengela,
  • Nauru Hyrax,
  • Nakuru CBD,
  • Meru,
  • Naivasha,
  • Mombasa

Nairobi Womens Hospital Location

Physical address: Hurlingham Court, Argwings Kodhek Rd, Nairobi

Nairobi Womens Contacts

Phone: +(254) 709-667-000

Nairobi Womens Hospital Address

Email address:

Nairobi Women’s Hospital Maternity Charges

Nairobi Womens Hospital Maternity services occurs in two broad categories:

  1. Normal Delivery
  2. Caesarean Delivery
PackageCharges (Ksh)
Normal Delivery PackageKsh. 30,000
Normal Delivery Package Plus Obstetrician and Paediatrician (First Examination)Ksh. 40,000
Caesarean & Obstetrician Delivery PackageKsh. 64,000
Nairobi Womens Hospital Maternity Charges

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You can pay out of pocket or using insurance. The facility is NHIF accredited. In fact, the NHIF code for Nairobi Womens Hospital is 8000753.

If you have a private insurer or intend to use one, we have made your compilation easy. In fact, you can view how much the insurers are willing to pay for maternity service among other services. Check this category, Insurance Companies In Kenya.

For every delivery method used, the following are charged separately: illness related treatment, any charges after 2 days, induction form the mother feeds diapers & nursery kits, vaccines other than the KEPI regime, antenatal services, other specialists and incubator care.

Further, the delivery methods are categorized based on the method and who performed the service. Thus, Nairobi Womens hospital maternity packages are six and include:

1. Normal Delivery Package

For mother who do not need an obstetrician, services offered include;

  • Delivery (delivery room and nursing charges)
  • Medical officer ward review       
  • Ward bed up to two days for mother and baby
  • Initial immunization for BCG & Polio
  • Drugs and dressings

Exclusions include

  • Complicated delivery
  • Caesarean section
  • Vacuum
  • Breech delivery or instruments used for delivery
  • Drugs used in induction of labour
  • Doctors (obs/gyn & pediatrician review

2. Obstetrician Delivery Package

Delivery is done by resident obstetrician. The package also includes:

  • 1 x Obstetrician ward review
  • 1 x Paediatrician examination

3. Mid-wife Delivery Package PLUS

Includes all of the above, plus:

  • 1 x Obstetrician ward review
  • 1 x Paediatrician examination

4. Private Patients Normal Delivery Package

Delivery is administered by private doctors

5. Ceasarian Section package

Elective or emergency caesarean section package is characterized by:

  • Theatre charges
  • Ward drugs and dressings
  • 4 days ward stay
  • One day nursery stay
  • 2 x Obstetrician ward reviews
  • 1 x Paediatrician review
  • immunization as per the KEPI schedule; BCG & Polio

6. Private Patients Caesarean Package

The package is administered by private doctors as requested by client.

Other Services

There are so many services being offered by the hospital. Here are just a few:

Radiology Services

The Nairobi Womens Hospital prides in use of modern technology in to achieve accuracy in imaging diagnosis. Radiology services is run by experienced Radiographers working on a 24hr schedule. The hospital enhances their services by use of advanced technical machine to provide services such as;

  • Ultrasounds,
  • X-rays,
  • CT Scans
  • MRIs, among others.

Inpatient Services

Nairobi Women’s hospital offers inpatient services to admitted patients that are of high quality from friendly qualified consultant doctors, nurses, specialist doctors, and other needed trained personnel. The hospital has inbuilt wards that accommodates patients of all categories admitted for acute illnesses, chronic diseases or critical emergency cases.

The inpatient wards include but not limited to;

  • Psychiatric wards
  • Medical wards
  • Maternity wards
  • HHU/ICU wards
  • Surgical wards
  • Private rooms
  • Pediatrics wards

Accident And Emergency Services

Nairobi Women’s hospital has a 24hr A&E operating clock system. The hospital ambulances are well fixed with required emergency service kit, specialty doctors, qualified nurses and other experienced vital personnel to ensure patient safety of is guaranteed.

The casualty department is fully equipped with first aid requirements, resuscitation tools for stabilization, and experienced emergency service providers just to mention a few.

Laboratory Services

Nairobi Womens hospital has a well-established modern laboratory registered and licensed under class E of the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board.

The lab offers test services to patients in a 24hr clock system. The technical staff involved include; Lab technicians and related staff members ensuring quality, accurate and consistent services to patient.

Pharmacy Services

The facility provides drug dispensation services to patients following a doctor’s prescription during discharge. The pharmacy is licensed under Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya, and is managed by a team of dedicated staff verifying effective, timely and safe drug prescriptions. There is an online platform to ease access of the services to remote patients.

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