Outdoor solar lights Kenya

Outdoor solar lights kenya

Solar lights have become popular in Kenya in the recent past including the outdoor solar lights. The high cost of electricity bills has made a significant Kenyan population to invest heavily in solar lights whose main power source is solar power.

To give a clear view, solar lights Nairobi is gaining a vast share and can be evident on the streets, solar lighting systems for homes, gardens, and almost any place you use electric power.

Popularity Of Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights in Kenya has gain popularity because of the following main reasons:

Plenty of solar

Kenya being in the tropical enjoys sufficient solar throughout the yea making solar power convenient and effective to use.

No electricity bills

Unlike using electric power where you have to pay electric bills to Kenya power, solar energy is free. Harvesting enough solar energy can power your devices 24/7 with no black out.

High Flexibility

Whichever type of solar lights you are using, the lights are portable and can be moved from one place to another. Sometimes, the movement is do it yourself with no extra cost of a skilled technician.


Outdoor solar lights Kenya are highly automated such that they light on and switches off at pre-set times everyday without human intervention.


High quality solar lights are durable and need minimal to no maintenance.


Outdoor solar lights well arranged can bring about a beautiful scenic view. Besides the lights can come in a variety of colors. Thus, the outdoor solar lights not only light the area but enhance the beauty.

Types of Outdoor Solar Lights

  • Solar security flood lights
  • Solar street lights
  • Solar garden lights

Solar Security Flood Lights

With a great ambiance, solar security flood lights can provide the desired illumination to your premises at night. Gate solar lights can be strategically placed at the gate.

Since you are not using KPLC power, your security lights will light the whole night with no blackout to securely light your premises.

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Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light

Unlike the normal flood light, solar motion sensor flood light has the capability of sensing motion. Any motion detected makes the solar light to light up immediately. Once the motion is no longer there, solar motion sensor flood light turns off automatically.

Motion sensor flood light can send you a signal about movement in your premises and also allows you to freely move about in illumination. Besides, the light saves energy since it only lights up when needed.

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Solar Security Flood Lights For Sale

Security flood lights in Kenya are locally available in several physical and online retail stores. Solar security light Jumia are available online where you place your order and wait for your delivery.

However, when buying online you have to be cautious to read all instructions to ascertain it meets all your desired expectations since there is no live consultation.

In some instance, you may be uncertain of exactly what you want. Remember, for security lights to properly illuminate your premise you need to choose the correct wattage, quantity, whether or not you need a sensor, and many more.

It doesn’t matter your current location, whether you need solar security light in Nairobi, Mombasa or whichever county.

Solar Street Lights

At both residential and commercial enterprises, solar street lighting system can be a great opportunity to enhance proper lighting of the place. Street lights in Kenya are replacing the wired electric street lights.

In bigger cities, solar street lights removes the need to have excess wires and the lights are effective. Solar lights Nairobi are common in the city LED. Solar street light offer a great ambiance at affordable cost in the long run since they need minimal to no maintenance.

Solar Street Lights Price In Kenya.

Solar street lights prices in Kenya vary depending with the brand and specifications of the flood lights of your choice. If you are sure about what you need, solar street light Jumia can be a good platform for you to search your street light.

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However, in case of any uncertainties and you need to have a live call with an expert, its free to consult.

Solar Garden Lights

Thanks to technology, solar lighting systems in Kenya has greatly evolved to include solar garden lights. Illuminate your garden with durable solar garden lights today and enjoy the free solar power energy.

Solar garden lights can be of great advantage for large farms in terms of saving the extra expenses you would have paid for electric power.

Solar Garden Lights For Sale In Kenya

Solar garden lights Nairobi or whichever place you are now can be delivered to you. Get expert advice on the best solar garden lights that suits you needs. Besides, solar outdoor lights for sale are available online.

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Wrap Up

Being highly durable, outdoor solar lights in Kenya are convenient to use in serving the needed purpose. Depending on the outdoor area you intend to light, you can choose either solar street lights, solar garden lights, or solar security lights, to meet your desired need.

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