President Ruto Unveils Bold Plan to End Maize Imports by 2025

In a resounding declaration of self-sufficiency, President William Ruto has set forth a visionary plan to liberate Kenya from the chains of maize imports by 2025. Speaking passionately at a church service in Eldoret on October 29, the President outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at doubling the country’s food production, ensuring that Kenya becomes not just self-reliant but a surplus producer of maize.

Empowering Farmers for a Flourishing Nation

President Ruto, the driving force behind this agricultural revolution, emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting farmers. His administration is set to double the fertiliser subsidy, empowering farmers to achieve unprecedented yields. The President’s announcement of an extra 12-15 million bags of maize this year reflects the tangible impact of this initiative.

Mechanization and Modernization

Addressing the challenges faced by farmers, President Ruto pledged widespread availability of tractors, bringing mechanization to every corner of Kenya. This move aims to enhance productivity and efficiency, enabling farmers to focus on cultivation rather than grappling with outdated techniques.

Moreover, the government’s initiative to distribute maize dryers across regions underscores its dedication to modernizing the agricultural sector. Farmers can now dry their produce efficiently and store it at the Cereal Board for a minimal fee, providing them with the flexibility to choose their selling avenues.

Fair Trade and Transparency

In a bid to eliminate exploitation, President Ruto assured farmers of a fair deal. While the government offers a competitive price of Ksh4,000 per bag, farmers are under no obligation to sell to the government. This approach fosters a transparent marketplace, allowing farmers to explore options and secure the best deals for their hard-earned produce.

Cracking Down on Fraud and Middlemen

President Ruto’s administration has taken stringent measures against unscrupulous middlemen and fraudulent practices. Several individuals attempting to deceive farmers have been apprehended, ensuring that the benefits of government support reach those who truly deserve it.

A Thriving Future for Kenya

President Ruto’s vision for a maize-independent Kenya is not merely a goal; it’s a promise etched in the determination of a nation. With robust support systems, modern technology, and transparent policies, Kenya’s farmers are poised for a future where their toil translates into prosperity for the entire nation. As the country strides confidently towards self-sufficiency, President Ruto’s unwavering leadership illuminates the path to a thriving, food-secure Kenya.

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