Resolution Insurance Hospitals, Doctors, Medical Cover Cost

Resolution Insurance Hospitals, Doctors, Branches, Contacts Kenya

Resolution health insurance is one of the leading medical insurance providers in Kenya. Find list of accredited Resolution Insurance hospitals and doctors with contacts, and Resolution Insurance medical cover charges.

Resolution health insurance Kenya is a privately held company in Kenya that first began as Resolution Health in 2002. After a period of gradual changes, its name was changed to Resolution Health insurance in 2013.

The company’s objective is to reach every one of their members country wide with financial solution regarding their health. The products have been designed such that they enhance innovation, quality, and simplicity.   

Resolution Health Insurance

Resolution health insurance provides a number of their products to registered members and their dependents. Some of the health products offered include;

  • Both inpatient and outpatient covers
  • Maternity
  • Dental illnesses,
  • Travel cover benefits worldwide
  • Newborns and pre- mature babies from 30 weeks
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Lodger fee for those accompanying children under 10years old.

Resolution Insurance Medical Forms

Resolution Insurance Offers different medical forms where a registered member has to submit a medical certified report from a well-known health provide under Resolution Insurance.

Resolution Insurance medical forms may include;  

  • Individual Member Application Form
  • Medical Claim Form
  • Reimbursement Claim Form
  • Specialist Claim Form
  • Group Scheme Application Form
  • Additional Member Application Form
  • Individua Additional Member Application Form

Once you have received treatment, a claim form should be filled and submitted for you to get compensated for your heath charges incurred. You can have a look at the actual Resolution Insurance medical claim form

Resolution Health Insurance Maternity Cover

 Resolution health insurance maternity cover is a product that covers the principal member and spouse during the gestation period up to child birth.

Resolution Insurance maternity cover caters for charges for

  • Both inpatient and outpatient
  • Pregnancy related illnesses
  • Emergencies throughout gestation period to child birth
  • Premature babies
  • Newborns from 38 weeks
  • Caesarian section and related complications

Resolution Insurance Medical Cover Rates

Resolution Insurance medical cover is provided under their Harmony Plans. The Harmony Plans is designed to enable members and their dependents acquire healthcare services for both inpatient and outpatient from established healthcare providers 24/7.

Resolution Insurance medical cover, under Harmony plans, have classified their rates in specific limits per annum depending on the product chosen by the member.

Depending on the applicant’s choice of package, one can benefit from the Resolution Insurance medical cover rates worth

  • Ksh. 500,000
  • Ksh. 1,000,000
  • Ksh. 2,000,000
  • Ksh. 5,000,000

Resolution Health Insurance Contacts

Irrespective of your branch, you can use the following contacts to find out more on Resolution health insurance.

Tel: +254 20 2894000

Phone: +254 709990000

Phone: +254730199000


Resolution health insurance list of doctors

Resolution health insurance doctors are directly connected to healthcare providers approved by Resolution Insurance.

Resolution Insurance Hospitals In NairobiContactsserviceAddress
Equity Afia (Kayole Medical Centre) NAIROBIPhone: 0765 000003OutpatientPinnacle Business Centre, Spine Road, Nairobi
AAR Healthcare Embakasi Clinic NAIROBIPhone: 0733 888259OutpatientWanandege Sacco Plaza, Opp. Embakasi Police Station, Nairobi
Alliance Medical Centre Limited NAIROBIPhone: 0736 477249 Phone: 0720 963555In & Outpatient Eastleigh, First Avenue, Madina Mall, 1st Floor
Komarock Modern Patients Care Centre NAIROBIPhone: 0721 254606
Phone: 020 8068771
In & OutpatientKomarock Estate Mwangaza Road, Sector 3A, Nairobi
Avenue Healthcare Clinic Buruburu NAIROBIPhone: 0774 157776OutpatientKenol Station, Mumias Road, 1st Floor, Nairobi
AAR Healthcare Buruburu NAIROBIPhone: 0733 881420OutpatientAAR Donholm Centre, Outering Road, next to Donholm Total Petrol Station, Nairobi  
Aga Khan University Medical Centre NAIROBIPhone: 020 789889  OutpatientKenya National Library, next to Equity Bank Buruburu, Nairobi
Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital NAIROBIPhone: 0719 237280OutpatientThe Point Building, Rabai Road, Buru Buru, Nairobi
Resolution Health Insurance List Of Hospitals In Nairobi

Other than Nairobi, Resolution Insurance has established itself across Kenya. Find details of Resolution Health Insurance list of hospitals in Kenya counties.

Resolution Health Insurance List Of Hospitals In KenyaContactAddressService
Bomu Hospital MOMBASAPhone: 020 2331444
Phone: 020 2352555
Magongo, Chanamwe, MombasaIn & Outpatient
Voi Medical Centre MOMBASAPhone: 0734 574755
Phone: 020 2331444
Phone: 2352555
Vawug Plaza, Ground Floor, next to KCB Bank, Voi Town, Voi, MombasaOutpatient
Bomu Medical Centre MOMBASAPhone: 0786 585881
Phone: 0734 744400
Likoni, MombasaOutpatient
Mariakani Community Health Care Services MOMBASAPhone: 0712 298740
Phone: 0731 241727
Along Kaloleni Road, near ACK Church Mariakani, MombasaOutpatient
Mikindani Medical Centre MOMBASAPhone: 0780 001333Mikindani Estate, Sunset Stage, Changamwe , MombasaOutpatient
Bomu Medical Centre MOMBASAPhone: 0786 585881
Phone: 0734 744400
Likoni, MombasaOutpatient
Oasis Medical Centre
Phone: 0723 707797Malindi Road at Mzambarauni in Mtwapa, KilifiOutpatient
Mephi Health Services
Phone: 0715 805355
Phone: 0723 693768
Kibaoni Area, Prison Road,KilifiOutpatient  
Tawfiq Hospital MALINDIPhone: 042 30204Malindi TownIn  & Outpatient
Ladnan Hospital Wajir Limited WAJIRPhone: 0722 307456
Phone: 0723 975507
Ladnan Hospital Wajir Limited,WajirIn & Outpatient
Samia Nursing Home
Phone: 0721 788914
Phone: 0710 320515 
Opp. Aligaaro Traders, WajirIn & Outpatient
Wajir Maternity & Nursing Home WAJIRPhone: 0728 121212
Phone: 0725 073419
Along Stadium, Livestock Market Road (Wajir Moi Stadium), next to Better Future AcademyIn & Outpatient
Bwena Medical Services KAPENGURIAPhone: 0728 771270Makutano – Kacheliba Road, KapenguriaIn & Outpatient
Lilyon Nursing Home KAPENGURIAPhone: 0724 365406KapenguriaOutpatient
Community Medical & Lab Services MARALALPhone: 0723 824951
Phone: 0701 363515
Opp Rukia Green Grocers, Harambee Street, Cereal Board Road, MaralalOutpatient
Bluelight Nursing Home MANDERAPhone: 0722 619859
Phone: 0721 882078
Phone: 0722 303275
Main Street, next to Equity Bank, ManderaIn & Outpatient
Medina Diagnostic limited
Phone: 0722 843469Hagadera, GarissaOutpatient
IARA – Nursing Home
Phone: 0721 640817  
Phone: 0722 507160
Miraa Rd, GarissaOutpatient
Bondo Medical Clinic
Phone: 020 2334667  
Phone: 0727 843968
Bondo Town, Opp. Bondo Post OfficeOutpatient
The Port Florence Town Clinic
Phone: 0713 044134              Next to KRA, Usenge, Siaya  Outpatient
The Port Florence Town Clinic
Phone: 0706 523570Opp. Co-operative Bank, Ground Floor, Usenge, SiayaOutpatient
Sagam Community Hospital
Phone: 0722 510346Luanda – Siaya RoadIn & Outpatient
Aga Khan Hospital Busia BUSIAPhone: 0710 314096Along Kisumu – Busia Road,BusiaOutpatient
St. Paul’s Mission Hospital HOMA BAYPhone: 0723 585515Homa Bay Town, near St. Paul’s Catholic ChurchIn & Outpatient
St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital MIGORIPhone: 0722 454556
Phone: 0722 146383
Suna, MigoriIn & Outpatient
St. Mary’s Mission Hospital KAKAMEGAPhone: 0723 927231 Phone: 0726 712382Along Bungoma – Kakamega RoadIn & Outpatient
St Jude’s Clinic – ICIPE
Phone: 059 22216 
Phone: 059 22217
Phone: 059 22218  Phone: 0709 813328
Phone: 0709 813253
Mbita Town, SubaOutpatient
Premier Medical Centre KIKUYUPhone: 0722 657533Opp. KCB Bank KikuyuIn & Outpatient
Aga Khan University Medical Centre KIAMBUPhone: 066 2022416
Phone: 066 2022405 Phone: 0711 092569
Standard Chartered Building, KiambuOutpatient
Mater Thika Town Clinic KIAMBUPhone: 0712 229988
Phone: 020 6903400
Above Tuskys Supermarket, 3rd Floor, KiambuOutpatient
Meridian Medical Centre KIAMBUPhone: 0709 572042Thika Arcade, Ground Floor, Kenyatta Avenue KiambuOutpatient
Ruiru Hospital KIAMBUPhone: 067 54372
Phone: 0734 329846
Phone: 0703 801216
Ruiru Town, off Thika Road, KiambuIn & Outpatient
Resolution Health Insurance List Of Hospitals In Kenya

Resolution Health Insurance Contacts For Branches

The following are specific Resolution health insurance contacts specifically for a branch of your choice.

Resolution Insurance Branch Health Insurance ContactsContactsAddress
Head office-NairobiPhone: +254 20 2894000  Parkfield Place, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki
Nairobi city  Phone: +254-709-990 400
Phone: +254-730-199 400
Nation Centre 13th Flr, Kimathi St, Nairobi CBD, Nairobi
Thika BranchPhone: +254-733-562 970Zuri Centre, 5th Floor, Kenyatta Highway
Nyeri BranchPhone: +254-733-562 340  Konahauthi Building, 1st Floor, Room H3, Kanisa Road
Kitengela BranchPhone: +254-733 414 168  The Red Heron Centre, 2nd Floor, Namanga-Nairobi Road  
Mombasa BranchPhone: +254-41-2221 051
Phone: +254-724-635 002    
Imaara Building, 3rd Floor, Opposite Pandya Hospital  
Kisii BranchPhone: +254-733-562 042      Mocha place, 2nd Floor, Moi Highway  
Nakuru BranchPhone: 020 2894 501
Phone:  +254-735-501 523  
Masters Plaza, 3rd Floor, Kenyatta Avenue  
Eldoret BranchPhone: +254-733-669 716Zion Mall, 1st Floor, Ronald Ngala Street  
Kisumu BranchPhone: +254-729-476276      Mega Plaza, 4th Floor, Opposite the University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus  
Meru BranchPhone: +254-704-407303      The Co-operative Building, 1st Floor, Tom Mboya Street
Resolution Health Insurance Contacts For Branches

Find out more about Resolution Insurance medical cover through the Resolution Health Insurance Kenya website.

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