Shocking Marseille Incident: Lyon’s Coach Grosso Bloodied in Fan Attack, Ligue 1 Match Postponed

In a shocking turn of events, Marseille, France, witnessed a disturbing incident on Sunday as fans targeted Lyon’s soccer team, attacking their bus with rocks and fireworks. The vicious assault left Lyon’s coach, Fabio Grosso, bloodied and injured, prompting Ligue 1 to postpone the highly anticipated match between Marseille and Lyon.

The extent of Grosso’s injuries became apparent as blood streamed down his face, forcing him to receive emergency treatment and wear a bandage around his head and left eye. Lyon’s team owner, John Textor, revealed that Grosso had “pieces of glass stuck in his head” due to the attack.

The attack unfolded as Lyon’s bus arrived at Stade Vélodrome, with a group of fans hurling rocks and firing bottle rockets at the vehicle. The aftermath, captured in videos, revealed the shattered windows of the bus, along with damage to six other vehicles carrying Lyon supporters.

Assistant coach Raffaele Longo’s physical condition was also cited as a reason for calling off the match. Lyon’s players initially wanted to continue, but the severity of Grosso’s injuries led to the game’s cancellation, according to Textor.

Referee Francois Letexier explained the decision, stating that the game couldn’t proceed due to the physical assault on Grosso. Despite his injuries, Grosso bravely joined his players to greet Lyon fans who remained in the stands after the match was postponed.

Lyon and Marseille issued statements condemning the attack, with Lyon expressing concern about the recurring incidents in Marseille and vowing to file a complaint. Both clubs emphasized that such violent behavior has no place in football or society.

As the football community awaits the decisions of the Ligue 1 competitions committee regarding the attack and the rescheduling of the match, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased security measures and the prevention of such disturbing occurrences in the future.

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