Solar Powered Water Pumps In Kenya

Solar Powered Water Pumps In Kenya

Solar energy has been a promising power source for Kenya water pumping system. Solar powered water pumps in Kenya are economical in the long run since the power source lacks monthly bills to be paid. The free solar power makes the use of solar powered water pumps convenient for domestic, residential, and commercial use.

Solar powered water pumps have become popular for the following reasons:

Easy To Install

With the help of a solar expert, installing a solar water pump is not a complex process. Besides, installing solar water pump is environmental friendly and safe for use.

Eliminate Monthly Power Bills

Solar energy is free for all. No one will charge you at the end of the month irrespective with how much power you have used. You only need to invest in a good solar system to maximally benefit from the free solar power.

Minimal Maintenance

Once installed with an expert, minimal to no maintenance is needed. Solar powered water pump has a long lifespan and can serve you for more than 15 years depending with the brand choice with no need to change anything.

No Human Operation

Once installed, solar water pump are automatic to serve their intended purpose.   

Major Types Of Solar Powered Water Pumps In Kenya

Solar water pumps can be grouped based on the usage of the pump. Common use of solar powered water pumps in Kenya include:

1 Domestic Water Pump

Domestic water pump are used in pumping water at home for domestic uses. Solar domestic water pump can pump drinking water, water livestock, and even pump water for small scale irrigation at your home.

Small scale domestic water pump price in Kenya can cost about Ksh. 15,000. To get the exact quote be sure to consult with our technical expert for free since pump sizing will vary based on your water demand needs.

2 Solar Pumps For Irrigation

Solar pumps for irrigation are heavy duty water pumps mainly used for irrigation purposes. Instead of using the normal petrol powered or electric powered water pump for irrigation that will incur monthly bills, using solar pumps for irrigation is a great investment to using free solar energy.

3 Borehole solar water pump

Technology has revolutionized borehole water pumps such that it has become easier to pump water from your borehole using solar powered borehole water pump. The pump main power source is solar energy and works just as the electric water pump.

Solar powered borehole installation needs an expert to help you select the best solar borehole pump. It is because the borehole water level affects the choice of your pump as well as your water needs.

Therefore, it is worth consulting an expert to recommend to you the exact pump that can meet your needs. Get free consultation for the correct sizing and quotation for your solar borehole pumps in Kenya.  

If you are well knowledgeable of exactly what you need, then checking the pump online can help you make some decisions.

Check price of solar water pumps.

Characteristics Of Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar water pumps can either be of two main characteristics

  • Surface solar water pump
  • Submersible solar water pump

1 Surface Solar Water Pump

Surface solar water pumps are always installed in a manner to stay above water surface. Water enters the pump through a pipe by sucking water from a water source. Surface solar water pumps are commonly used to pump water from a river, a lake, or a pond.

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2 Submersible Solar Water Pump

Submersible solar water pump is installed in a manner that they water pump is always submerged in the water. Common uses of submersible water pumps are borehole where the pump is installed below water level in the borehole such that the pump is always submerged.

Submersible solar water pumps for sale in Kenya are available in online stores and also physical stores. Submersible water pump Jumia can be ordered online and you wait for home delivery. However, be sure to have sufficient technical know how before ordering from online stores since there is no interaction with the seller.

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However, submersible solar water pumps for sale in Kenya can be bought at physical stores. We recommend Powermax store, located at Spur mall along Thika road. Be sure to get a free consultation and even discounts for your pump of choice by contacting our qualified solar technician.

Through consultation, you can have a better idea of submersible solar water pump price in Kenya that can make you plan ahead. Note that you do not need any prior knowledge on solar water pumps to consult.

Factors To Considered When Choosing Solar Powered Water Pumps

Buying a solar water pump may need some technical aspects to be considered. Walking into a shop and choose without any consideration can land you in trouble. The following are some of the essential factors you should put into consideration before buying a solar powered water pump.

1. Water Source

Your water source directly affects the choice of solar water pumps. Water pumps sourcing water from shallow well, pond, medium well, deep borehole, running river, or harvested rain water uses different solar water pump specifications.

2. Water Use

The intent behind powering water is important factor. For instance, the quantity and frequency of pumping water for domestic use, livestock rearing, irrigation, fountains, cooler circulations or any other use requires a specific suitable solar powered water pump.

3. Power sources

Solar power water pumps uses solar energy as the main power source. However, using direct solar to power your water pumping system without the battery will imply the pump only works when there is sunshine. No water can be pumped during rainy or cloudy days.

However, if the solar energy will first be stored in a solar battery before being used to power a solar water pump implies the pump can work 24/7 as long as the battery has sufficient charge. Thus, the final pumps to be used will depend on how you will be sourcing your power.

4. Water level

The water level from the water source affects the choice of water pump as being submersible solar water pumps or surface level water pump. Submersible water pumps will be less effective when exposed and the mortar can fail.

Also, surface level water pumps need to be covered and protected from water since it is not water proof.

5. Warranty

Getting solar system that have longer warranties can be the best choice for you as the consumer. Solar panels, solar water pumps, and solar batteries should have warranties. Availability of warranties prevent companies from waste dumping dead solar system to consumers.

6. Consultation

Solar water pumping system can be technical and seam complex to a consumer who has no prior technical knowledge. However, worry not. Technology allows transparency to occur even in the technical field for high quality products and services.

We are linking you for free to a qualified solar technician to handle all your solar power inquiries and even installation if need be.  Site survey can be done before installation.

Solar water pump suppliers in Kenya

Best Solar Water Pump Supplier In Kenya

Powermax solar water pump supplier is the best in Kenya. Powermax solar supplier is located at Spur mall along Thika road Nairobi Kenya. The company has good reputation for delivering services to its consumers.

Quality products and services are offered country wide including solar systems such as solar lights, solar water pump, and other electrical devices you may need.

Thus, we recommend using Powermax solar for your solar water system. Deliveries and installation are done in Nairobi and all other counties in Kenya. To speak to a technical expert at Powermax solar for free consultation, you only have to

Top 5 Best Solar Water Pump Suppliers In Kenya

The following are among the top 5 best solar water pump suppliers in Kenya based on positive consumer review.

1. Powermax Solar; located at Spur mall along Thika road nairobi (Recommended)

2. Davis & Shirtliff located at Dundori road

3. Drip Masters located at Mombasa road

4. Go solar systems Ltd located at Ashray industrial park

5. Solar Kenya located at Lusaka road

Online Stores Solar Water Pump Suppliers In Kenya

Jumia Online Store

Jumia water pump display a variety of solar water pump prices you can choose. Besides, Jumia store is a great place to give you an idea of an approximate solar water pumps prices in Kenya just in case you had no prior hint of the cost of solar water pump.

It is worth noting that solar water pump price Kenya Jumia varies since sellers are different and offer a variety of brands. Thus, water pump price in Jumia is not fixed but variable.

Ordering solar water pump Jumia Kenya is a legit platform that delivers the product. Besides, the variety of product availability allows you to compare solar water pump price in Kenya Jumia.

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The downside of purchasing solar pump online is that you need to be certain of what you need and have your own solar installer.

Save yourself all the hustle by getting in touch with our recommended best solar installer in Kenya for all your solar system needs including to know water pump prices in Kenya.

It Is Free to consult with our experts.

Common Brands Of Solar Powered Water Pumps

A significant number of companies are now delivering high quality solar powered water pumps in Kenya. The following are just a few list of water pumps brands in Kenya.

1. Pedrollo water pumps

2. Honda water pumps

3. Davis and Shirtliff solar water pumps, Davis and Shirtliff solar pumps

4. Sunculture solar water pump

5. Pedrollo water pump price in Kenya

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