Solar Security Lights Nairobi

Solar Security Lights Nairobi

Solar security lights are an essential component of solar lighting systems for homes. Installing solar lights in Nairobi or whichever county you are in is a great way to lighten up the night. Proper lighting is beneficial not only to deter intruders from entering your premises since they can be seen but also makes your visibility at night easy.

Irrespective if functionality, all solar lights convert solar energy to solar power to produce light. As a results, since solar light is naturally and freely available, taking advantage of the vast energy for home solar lighting system is advantageous to you as the beneficiary.

Variations Of Security Lights

Solar security lights Nairobi in Kenya are available in various variations. The common variations include:

1. Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are designed to have a high intensity and a much broader beam of light from their in built LED. The LED flood lights produces a lot of light to securely lighten up your premises at night.

As a result, using solar flood lights enables light to reach a wider and at a much greater distance than the normal indoor solar lights. Flood lights with sensors have the ability to light in dark and turns off when there is sunlight.

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The solar flood lights with sensors Kenya are good to manage your lighting for dawn to dusk such that the solar light automatically turns off during the day and turns on at night with no human intervention.

Check price of solar floodlights with sensors.

 Photocell sensors allows the flood lights with sensors to detect change of light and for them to go on or off. If your are interested to know the photocell sensor price in Kenya, you can always check the price for a photocell sensor online.

Only buy from certified vendors and solar installers whenever you are looking for solar flood lights for sale. Take action now and know more about solar security lights such as LED flood lights prices in Kenya or any other inquiries on solar lights through a live call.

2. Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights in Kenya are specially designed to light pathways or streets.  The lights are often mounted on long elongated pole structure. Solar panels of the solar street lights are often located at the top for maximum harvesting of solar energy.

Solar street lights can either use an LED or a fluorescent lamp depending on your preference. Both LED street lights or fluorescent street lights are effective in lighting your premises. Often, solar street lights are arranged in a line to form a street like appearance and hence the name solar street light.

Check price for solar street lights.

In the instance you need a special advice on your street lighting system, feel free to consult on the various brands, types, specifications, or know solar street lights prices in Kenya.

3. Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are specially designed for use in the garden. However, solar garden lights multipurpose use makes them more popular in Kenya.

Depending on your garden size, you need an expert advice on the best solar garden lights for sale in Kenya, or perhaps the total solar lights that you need. Feel free to consult.

4. Motion Sensor Lights

Solar security lights with motion sensor are specially designed to detect motion. Motion sensor lights operate by automatically lighting up when motion is detected and goes off minutes later after there is completely no motion.

Flood lights with sensor in Kenya are a great way to automatically lighten up with premises by detecting motion. Thus, motion sensor lights can not only make your movement easy at night but also gives you notice of potential intuition to your premises.

Motion sensor lights in Kenya come in various variation including specifications. As a result, motion  sensor light price in Kenya varies from seller to seller. Online shops allow you to order solar lights such as motion sensor Jumia Kenya.

Also solar security lights Jumia can be easily purchased. You can check the price for solar motion sensor lights.

Be sure to know the exact specification of what you need to be able to make your informed choice when buying a product online. However, if you have any doubts whatsoever concerning solar lights, our free consultation can be of help to you.

Benefits Of Installing Solar Security Lights

There are plenty of benefits you can gain from using solar security lights that makes you investment worth it.

Boost Security

Proper lighting of your premises enhances your security. Even with the use of CCTV cameras, clarity of images can be great under the influence of light. Besides, you can also be comfortable to move about in your premises at night under light without injuring yourself.

Free To Use

After the initial purchasing cost and perhaps installation for a vast premises, solar security lights are free and you do not have power bills to pay monthly. The solar lights use the freely available solar light.


Once you notice that there is need to move the solar security light to another location, it is very easy. In fact, you many be able to move the solar light yourself and securely mount it in a new region with no technical expertise needed.


Solar lights are durable and long lasting. Most solar lights are maintenance free. In fact, the only maintenance you may need to do is to dust off the accumulated dust perhaps after years of use. Otherwise, once installed then the lamp can last longer.

Water Resistance

Solar security lights Nairobi, Mombasa, Turkana, or whichever county you are in are water resistance. You do not have to worry about covering the solar light when it rains.

Wrap Up

Solar security lights Nairobi are a great lighting system to enhance your home security. Ability to clearly view your premises even in the dark can enhance not only your security but also the security of others and your premises.

Solar security lights Nairobi is an economical investment to your advantage. Depending with the total solar lights you need, the initial cost of acquiring the solar lights can be high but you have a long run energy enjoyment period from the harvested solar energy.

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